CONTACT 2015 – Call for Works



Be seen. Get your work out there. Here’s your opportunity to submit your photos to the largest photography event in the world. The CONTACT 2014 photo festival, which runs the entire month of May, attracts an audience of well over 1.8 million and showcases entries at more than 175 galleries throughout the Greater Toronto area.

We’re putting out the official call for submissions — to any and all interested in seeing their work featured in the Vistek Toronto or Vistek Mississauga Contact 2015 galleries!

Previous CONTACT Photography Festival Gallery exhibitors in Vistek galleries include:

2014 – Martin Gros
2014 - Eric Weiner
2013 - Heather Saitz
2013 – Douglas Workman
2012 - Jasper Savage
2012 - Jeremy Schruder

If you want to be one of those featured artists email with the subject line “CONTACT 2015 Submission“.

Submissions must include:

1. EXHIBITION PROPOSAL: A concise one-page summary of the exhibition concept and content.

2. SUPPORT MATERIAL: Include a maximum of 20 digital files as a .zip (jpeg format, maximum 1 MB each, as an attachment or file sharing link) and a corresponding list with the title, and year of production.

3. CURRICULUM VITAE: A concise one-page CV or other relevant biographical information.

4. CONTACT INFO: Include name, address, telephone, and email

Photographers Without Borders travel to ProFusion

Are you a photographer or videographer who wants to make a difference?
If so, the Photographers Without Borders (PWB) booth is a definite must-see.
PWB is an organization that believes in the power of photography, and uses it for a good cause. Essentially, through their Global Programs, PWB help to tell the stories of citizens in poor, developing countries who are trying to transform their villages and regions.

Reaching by Henry VanderSpe

Reaching by Henry VanderSpek

While at ProFusion, why not visit the PWB booth. Learn about their Global Programs in detail.

Also, ask about PWB Workshops. These are 2-week photography excursions with a group of 12-16 led by a professional photographer. If you’re interested in traveling to distant lands, it’s an excellent opportunity to develop your photographic skills.

Plus, if you register for a workshop or enroll in their Global Program, you could win a free flight. See details at the booth.

Hands Up by Henry VanderSpek

Hands Up by Henry VanderSpek

PWB has just launched its new publication, Photographers Without Borders Magazine, which presents  moving and thought-provoking photographic images that address social, economic, environmental and cultural issues across international borders, offering insight into how change happens and how the rest of us can do our part.

Sign up as an applicant to one of Photographers Without Borders current or future projects, and receive a FREE copy of PWB Magazine ($25 value). [The application requires a $26.50 fee.]

ProFusion excitement is taking off.

Now just weeks away, ProFusion 2014 is gaining momentum, growing larger, and getting airborne.

Sometimes referred to as drones, UAVs or quadcopters, these multi-rotor camera platforms are offering photographers and filmmakers an entirely new perspective.

Want to learn how quadcopters work? What you’ll need to know in order to fly one? And what your options are in terms of accessories?

At ProFusion 2014, you’ll be brought up to speed on the latest trends in photo & video — as well as up to elevation.

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Contest ends December 12, 2014 — tell your friends

Meet Our Presenters: Peter Llewellyn

Peter Llewellyn is a photographer specializing in sports shooting primarily for USA today Sports Pictures and the Photo Services Manager for the upcoming 2015 PanAm Games. Peter will be speaking at ProFusion about making a career in sports photography and photo management.

Meet Peter Llewellyn

Peter_LlewellynWhat is your background/education?

I was educated in the UK and obtained a post graduate degree in management – never really studied anything remotely connected with the arts. I was always closely connected with sport having been a competitive swimmer as well as a general interest in everything sporting. This led to me pursuing a career in sports centre management, and subsequently managing several different sports and leisure facilities in various parts of the UK. However, after about 15 years in sports management I came to realise this was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life – for what follows see the next answer!

How did you get your start as a photographer, did you have a special mentor?

I got my start in sports photography entirely by accident. As the manager of a large sports centre just North of London I had been invited to the British open judo championships as a guest. I was already a keen amateur photographer so took my camera along and took some black and white images. After processing and printing some photos that evening (in my home darkroom, otherwise known as the bathroom) my wife persuaded me that my images were better than those that had been used to in The Daily Telegraph that morning and that I should try dropping the prints in to the Telegraph office. To cut a long story short (more of the story will be revealed in the seminar) the newspaper used one of my judo photos the next morning, so my first published picture was in a major UK daily paper. As far as mentors were concerned I had several, in fact I learned all about sports photography from studying the work of other great sports photographers, mostly British at that time. These included Tony Duffy, the founder of Allsport which subsequently became Getty Images, Eamon McCabe and Steve Powell and my good friend Bob Martin.

fencing - peter llewellyn

What inspires you to shoot?

Everything inspires me to shoot more images. I have from time to time branched out into other areas of photography but keep coming back to my great love of sports and action images.