Saving Eliza


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. And if you’ve ever doubted that, here’s proof ….

Eliza O’Neill is a happy 4-year-old who, because of a degenerative genetic disease called Sanfilippo syndrome, may not live into her teens. If she doesn’t get the treatment she needs, she will lose the ability to speak within 6 months and suffer irreversible brain damage within a year and a half.

“There is a cure, but without funding it won’t be ready in time to save her.”

Those words stirred Benjamin Von Wong into action. Spearheading the fundraiser that has already collected 300K, Benjamin has successfully mobilized a force of talented photographers from around the world, who have donated their works of art for sale. All money collected will go towards a cure for Eliza. Enough money it will happen.

saving Eliza

It’s been said, “A photograph is never taken– it is always given.” And in this case, it may give a young girl a chance at life.

You can find out a lot more about the project on the website by clicking here, but the general gist is as follows:

If you love phenomenal photography, this is your chance to buy prints from some of the best in the business, and know that your money is going to a worthy cause.

If you take phenomenal photography, you can pledge to sell $1,000 worth of a print to help Saving Eliza. Once that print sells out, you’ll go on a special success wall and have the opportunity to submit another and start all over again.

Follow Eliza and her family on Facebook , donate to help save Eliza’s life on GoFundMe and buy prints from SmugMug

Every Picture Tells a Story Photo Challenge – Photo of the Week #10

Congratulations Grace Willan, we’ll be sending a $50 Vistek Gift Card your way!

Category: Strength Photographer: Grace Willan Title: My Beauty

Category: Strength
Photographer: Grace Willan
Title: My Beauty

As the weeks wind down, we’re finding that what’s really sticking out is the diversity of your submissions. We’re honoured to have seen beautiful photos that have shown us rare glimpses of nature and humanity. It’s opening our world a little – and in turn we hope yours too. For that reason, we think that My Beauty by Grace Willan is this week’s winner, although there was definitely stiff competition. This is a photo that opens our eyes and gives us tremendous pause. Congratulations, Grace!

Congratulations are also in order for this week’s finalists Ben Von Wong and Rob Esau, best of luck in the People’s Choice Awards!


Category: Imagination Photographer: Ben Von Wong Title: Inspiration

Category: Imagination
Photographer: Ben Von Wong
Title: Inspiration


Category: Tranquility Photographer: Rob Esau Title: Bamboo Forest

Category: Tranquility
Photographer: Rob Esau
Title: Bamboo Forest

We hope this week’s entries inspire you to get creative, use your imagination and get out there. Every Picture Tells a Story, so enter our challenge today to tell us yours. You could be our next featured winner and with over $13,000 in prizing, there’s so much to be won. Enter here.
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Post-NAB Debrief by Brian Young

brianyoungWell I’m still exhausted from walking the aisles at this year’s NAB. With all of the exciting new products from every brand (and some shocker announcements), I think this was one of the best shows in recent memory!

As predicted, it was the year of 4K with huge announcements all over the floor. But the these products and the movement towards UHD was underscored by the impressive 8K broadcasting and content demo at the NHK booth AND by multiple announcements of future 8K upgrade paths down the line.

As well there were many new products touting support for a new emerging standard interface that’ll enhance 4K production capabilities, and extend support for some 8K signals: the new SDI 12G standard. 12G or 8 times the standard 1.5G HDSDI standard for pushing 30fps 1080 digital video down a BNC style cable or 4x the 3G standard for pushing 60P or RGB 30fps down a BNC. There were also 12G converters able to take multiple 3G interfaces to a single 12G or vise versa. 

Support is widely offered for HDMI 2.0 and now fully supports 4K 60P over a single interface. HDMI cables are exactly the same as the ones you have now, but the devices must be compliant at both ends. VOIP and wireless solutions were also very prevalent. As well, the Thunderbolt 2 interface was everywhere! From Sonnet’s new expansion chassis for the Apple Mac Pro to a wide variety of PCI card adapters. I even found it on several new cameras and recorders!

NAB: 4 More Products You May Have Missed!


NAB has come and gone and while we were there to deliver news on some of the great new tech you’ll be seeing over the coming months, there was way, way more stuff. With that in mind, here are 4 more products from Sony, JVC and Panasonic that are sure to make a huge splash with any level of video professional.

Les Wilson’s Stunning Barn Owl Series using Elinchrom ELC ProHD


Photographer Les Wilson has shown us that with a keen eye and the right equipment, you can create incredible, almost other-worldly photos. In the case of this amazing barn owl series, Les used the all-new Elinchrom ELC Pro-HD series. Les also worked with staff from the Hawk Conservatory Trust near Andover, UK.

We managed to get some words from Les with regards to his work on this project.

First off I’m not on the payroll but a big fan of all the kits and travel with them all the time. As you have looked at my web pages you will see I’m a big Elinchrom user and use them all the time. I abuse the lights all the time with my out side work in all weathers. Reliability and ease of uses when you work on your own on shoots is a must.

The 15 Flashes on the Elinchrom units’ stroboscopic effect allowed Les to capture these shots in just one second of motion. Les used Elinchrom ELC ProHD units on loan from London’s Flash Centre.

Please check out more of Les Wilson’s work at his own site