Upping the Cool Factor at ProFusion

Can you think of another camera or, for that matter, a line of cameras that have stirred the souls of photographers and reignited their passion for taking photos like the Fuji X-series?

Fuji X Series

Not likely, at least not in recent memory.

Partly, it’s because the X-Series cameras – the X-T1, X-E2, X30, X100s and the new X100T  (now available for pre-order!) – are as much a conversation piece as a capture device. With its retro charm, it’s a camera people love to look at and talk about.

And there’s more to love than its undeniable charisma. Ask anyone who’s been fortunate enough to shoot with a Fuji X-Series and you’ll likely hear, ‘My Fuji captures stunning images with colour reproduction that borders on the unbelievable’.

Wouldn’t you jProFusion_640x640ust love to get your hands on one? You can and you will just by attending ProFusion, where you’ll get your fill of Fuji, along with hundreds and hundreds of other cameras.


What’s shaking at ProFusion 2014

Matter of fact, there won’t be any shaking going on at the Tiffen booth — thanks to the full line of Steadicam units on display. If you’re in the market for a Steadicam Pilot, Scout HD, or Zephyr HD, ProFusion is the place to get it. There will be unbelievable rebates during the show.


While you’re at the Tiffen booth, check out these all-new Steadicams. The Curve is a hand-held stabilizer designed for use with the GoPro HERO. There’s also the very cool Steadicam Solo that can be used with a vest or as a monopod to stabilize DSLRs and camcorders.


Get the lowdown on Lowel.

At the Tiffen booth, you’ll also find the latest from Lowel Lighting, like the Lowel Blender 3 light Kit — perfect for today’s run-and-gun shooters who can easily find themselves in a variety of lighting sources during the course of their day. The Blender 3 light kit is the lighting solution that features 2 sets of LEDs, in Tungsten & Daylight colour, which are quickly & easily blended to your desired colour output.

There’s more from Lowel. The SlimLight Interview Series includes 4 new kit combinations, designed to give you versatile, creative lighting options in a sleek, easy to carry package.

Lowel are calling their new Prime Location their most rugged LED system yet. With its sturdy all metal construction, you can put a lot of light where you need it, with less concern about the elements.

The Lowel PRO Power LED is the perfect solution to run-and-gun location lighting. Its powerful output and wide focus range fresnel lens means you can light from a greater
distance, allowing you to get more of the location in your shot.

More news from Sony at ProFusion

He likes you. He really really likes you.


David McLain is a globe-trotting photojournalist turned videographer who has built a career telling stories visually. He tells real stories of real people, most frequently for National Geographic.

And more often, his creative tool of choice is the Sony A7. He loves its small, compact size, but knows he’s not compromising on quality.

Or as David would say, “Imagine traveling with a small camera kit that weighs less than 5 pounds and produces photographs worthy of a National Geographic. Imagine being able to wander the city shooting all day, or climb to the top of a mountain, and not have an aching back?”


As a guest lecturer at ProFusion 2014, David will share his many other reasons for carrying the Sony A7 as well as his experiences as a photographer and filmmaker. Visit Sony’s 4K World booth at ProFusion, where you can catch David giving one of his two fascinating workshops – yes, right in the booth.

To see more of McLain’s work, visit his website at davidmclain.com.

Get ready for a wider EXPOSURE

exposure festival 2015

The Exposure 2015 Photography Festival is gaining ground, expanding to cover the entire province of Alberta.

In its first 10 years, Exposure – one of the country’s premiere visual arts events – has attracted photographic expression from Alberta, other parts of Canada and the world. And has showcased the works in the communities of Calgary, Banff and Canmore.

Exposure 2015 – which will run the entire month of February — will expose all of the great work throughout the entire province, so that all 4-million Albertans can enjoy this outstanding photographic event.

Submit your work! Submissions are now being sought from Alberta-based artists and gallerists. Exhibitions and events will be featured in a professionally published guide and on the festival’s website. Exposure also hosts photography related presentations and workshops during the month of February.
For more information go to exposurephotofestival.com, or contact Festival manager Wes Lafortune at T. 403-919-2502 or email exposurefotofest@gmail.com.

Shane Hurlbut, The Illumination Tour and ProFusion Expo 2014

Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C., is a world-renowned cinematographer who shoots multimillion dollar blockbuster films. Shane brings a level of unparalleled passion and excitement to everything he does. As an innovative cinematic pioneer that deploys new techniques on every project to challenge him and enhance the quality of his work. He seamlessly blends different camera emulsions to enhance storytelling. One of his recent films, Act of Valor, was shot primarily using the Canon 5D Mark II camera and is the first HDSLR full-length feature released by a major studio.


This fall you’ll have two your chance to learn from the man himself. The Illumination Experience Tour, coming to Toronto  from MZed delivers an intense educational experience about the fundamentals of cinematography Tuesday October 14, 2014.

At The Illumination Workshop, you will learn to design, develop, enhance, and implement the storytelling process with lighting and camera. You will learn how to determine which qualities of light to implement for any scene by utilizing script analysis, storyboard preparation, lighting schematics, and shot lists.

Tickets get discounted tickets starting at $329 with discount code IETVIST here: http://www.illumination.mzed.com

Then, on Thursday October 16 at 12 noon, join us for an engaging FREE Keynote presentation by Shane Hurlbut at ProFusion 2014. In his keynote address Shane will share many of his experiences that stand out in his storied career. Shane will also provide a range of helpful shooting tips and tricks, as well as providing insights about recent production technologies and tools available to today’s filmmakers.

For information for both of these great opportunities click here.