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Planning on getting together with family and friends over the holidays? Of course you are. Here’s your chance to take that family photo you’ve been meaning to take, like, forever!

All you need is the right gear to make it a professional-looking job, such as lighting, and all the accessories like stands and softboxes and umbrellas and grip gear and maybe a better camera and a super fast lens or two, whew! You do need a lot. And alleluia, are you in luck!

Listen to this. Over the holidays, Vistek is offering an unreal rental offer. Quite possibly our best ever! It’s our HAPPY HOLIDAY RENTAL OFFER. You get 14 days of gear for the price of 2.

It’s so good, even Santa is swinging by for the offer.

Check it out. Get the gear that will help you take the photos you’ve always wanted. Uncle Charlie’s not going to be around forever you know.

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Get your daily dose of ‘what’s happening’.

As a Toronto filmmaker wouldn’t it be nice to see, at a glance, the full list of productions currently filming in the city? Or, get to read all about the latest industry news, top stories, and how they affect Canadian filmmakers? And on the same site, get a glimpse at what’s new in terms of gear and new tech toys? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, it is great and it’s called TO411daily. And it should be your daily link to what’s happening in the film industry, including upcoming events and major industry shows.

Stay up to date. Make it your go-to link. Check it out today. And make it a habit of clicking TO411daily every day.

Call for Entries!

applied arts

2015 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards

Want your work to be acknowledged and profiled at the country’s most esteemed and highly regarded Creativity Awards Shows? The Applied Arts Photography and Illustration Awards celebrate the very best work produced by some of the world’s leading artists. Here’s your chance to shine.

On top of being published in the Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards Annual, published in May 2015 — a reference guide used by more than 46,000 senior professionals and decision makers. Winning entries will receive year-round recognition in other high profile media platforms, including the Applied Arts Winners gallery on, which attracts more than 300,000 visitors annually.

As an award winner, you’ll also enjoy personal recognition at the Applied Arts annual AACE Awards Party.

There’s more. All winning entries become part of the Applied Arts Awards Archive. The Archive features more than a decade of stunning, award-winning work. Become part of the legacy! Click here to view the 2014 Photography & Illustration awards winners. Obviously, if there was ever an ideal way to show off your talent, this is the place.

To find out how to enter and submit your best work, go to

Entry Deadline is January 14, 2015. Best of luck!

Shin, we salute you.

Every year, the Advertising Design Club of Canada (ADCC) presents their most prestigious award — the Les Usherwood Award. It’s a lifetime achievement award presented to the individual who, in the eyes of fellow industry professionals, has made a major contribution to the quality of Canadian creative. This year, that honour is bestowed to a great photographer, a great humanitarian, and a great friend to all of us at Vistek – Shin Sugino.

The attached video highlights Shin’s career from his humble beginnings to the impressive studio, associates, staff and infrastructure that is now Sugino Studio.

From all of us at Vistek, congratulations Shin. You are a deserving recipient of this most auspicious award.

Are you ready to step up?

The 36.3-megapixel full-frame Nikon D810 is more than just Nikon’s intrusion into medium format territory. It could represent your next great stepping-stone.

The Nikon D810 delivers an unprecedented level of detail and sharpness, which is due in large part to Nikon’s decision to remove the optical low pass filter. With the D810 you enjoy sharper and better low light image quality, and are able to produce beautiful noise-free images from native ISO 64 to 12,800.

If you’re into filmmaking the Nikon D810 is equally impressive, delivering stunning resolution. The D810 allows you shoot Full 1080p at 60 fps, and even high-resolution time-lapse movies at near 8K quality.

Useful features and significant specs aside, there are bigger reasons for stepping up to the Nikon D810. If you feel your best work is still out there. If you harbour visions of shooting sharper photos and more cinematic-looking videos – this is the camera that will take you to the top.

First, check out this video of Nikon’s Chris Ogenek, delivering an in-depth look at the D810, explaining in detail why this magnificent new capture device from Nikon is turning a lot of heads.