A Birder’s Eye View of the 7D Mark II

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Bio Pic - Highlands

Bird photographer, adventurer, and overall really nice guy, our friend Glenn Bartley was kind enough to offer his point-of-view on Canon’s new 7D Mark II. This revue is highly relevant since (a) Glenn is an avid Canon shooter and (b) he currently shoots with the 7D and, like a lot of you, has been waiting seemingly forever for the upgrade.

For Glenn, his new best friend didn’t arrive a moment too soon. He’s more than impressed with the new Canon, even going so far as to hail the 7D Mark II as the ‘new King of APS-C cameras’. You can read his exhaustive review here

Here, in a nutshell, are Glenn’s top 10 reasons why he’s enamored with the new 7D Mark II.

  1. Improved ISO capabilities in an APS-C camera. The Canon 7D mark II delivers the best in class image quality and is the best APS-C camera on the market today. This makes it the #1 choice for bird photographers.
  2.  So many autofocus points! 65 in all. And they are all cross type too! Plus enhanced low light focus performance.
  3. 10 fps
  4. AF at f/8. I am very interested to see how well my 600mm + 2x performs (effective focal length of 1920mm)
  5. Battery grip with vertical joystick. This will be great for moving the focus point around all of those 65 points while shooting vertically.
  6. Dual card slots and built in GPS. Definitely nice hardware upgrades.
  7. New live view/video AF capabilities. Can now track moving subjects while shooting videos. This should be fun!
  8. Incredible new intelligent viewfinder. So much info available and completely customizable.
  9. Ability to customize AF settings to several buttons based on how you shoot.
  10. Better weather sealing, shutter durability and LCD screen