Camera Review: Easter Weekend with the FUJIFILM X-T1 Part 2

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Well here we are again with part 2 of the Fuji X-T1 review, and my experience with using this great little gem of a camera on Easter weekend. I found myself with family and lots of kids. Turns out our youngest niece Ava hadn’t been around the last few family events and this was my perfect subject to test out the camera. Lens of choice was once again the 18-55 zoom. In part 1 of this article I really hadn’t read the instruction manual yet, but at this point, I’d read enough of the manual to learn how to use a few of the key features for a subject matter such as my youngest niece.

The camera’s autofocus is rock solid and super fast. I put the camera into autofocus mode with Face Detection on . I’ll tell you this was probably the only auto feature that I really used here.

For the most part I setup the camera in manual mode, shooting at ISO 800. I was adjusting my exposures based on the natural light in the room. As for the using the camera in single shot mode, I actually opted for continuous shooting, to follow a moving subject like my niece. I was impressed with the way the camera maintained sharp focus while I was following her.

Not to mention that I was shooting in RAW/JPG mode at the same time. I used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for all of the files processed in this article. Lets start off with the first few shots of my niece and my mother in law. The first image is the jpg file from the camera, not bad, but I again prefer the details I was able to pull out of the RAW file.

The camera’s white balance was set to auto, I found the JPG file to be a little bit to cool for my liking, so I warmed up the raw file to my own taste, since I never got to shoot a white balance on these shots. Look below to see how the camera nailed the focus, and I was able to get such great detail out of the Fuji Raw File, just gorgeous.

Ava-1 taken with FUJIFILM X-T1

Ava-2 taken with FUJIFILM X-T1

Lets talk about some of the features that makes this mirrorless camera such a joy.

I love the articulated screen – I was holding the camera in ways that I typically would not hold my DSLR. It made my subjects feel at ease, and it has a much smaller form factor. The screen on the Fuji automatically adjusts to show the proper exposure, so as I was opening up the lens, or selecting my shutter speed, the screen would brighten until I had the correct exposure. Truth be told the only exposure adjustment made to the raw file above in post was adding detail to the shadows, otherwise the camera nailed it, and the camera’s screen had an accurate representation of what the final image would look like on my calibrated computer monitor.

Next up I did want to use the EVF (Electronic View Finder). The Fuji X-T1 probably has the best EVF, that I’ve tried. The camera’s screen instantly shut off when my eye was raised to the EVF, and I wear glasses. All of the info was clear and concise and I could easily see the little green boxes surrounding my subjects faces showing that the face detection was working.

Lets see a few more images, once again you will see the cameras jpg file fiirst, and my processed RAW file, I’ve also upped the ISO on these images below to 1600, to get another stop of light out of the low lit room, so I could continue to shoot at 1/125th of a second, in continuous mode, which really helped to capture the reactive moment of shooting a child.

Easter Child-09 taken with FUJIFILM X-T1

Easter Child-10taken with FUJIFILM X-T1


Horizontal-2 taken with FUJIFILM X-T1There are many options to consider when buying a new camera, and the new Fuji X-T1 has some awesome ones.

Another really cool feature that grabbed my attention was built in WiFi. I didn’t think much of it until everyone wanted to see my images, so I quickly downloaded the App for my iPad. It was instantly connected to the camera and the shots popped right up, so I could pass the iPad around for everyone to enjoy.

So there you have it folks. If you want to look at this as a review, then I would give this camera 4 out of 5 stars. I would take off 1 star for having some of the controller buttons just a bit to close for my big clunky hands, and sometimes I would actually hit the wrong button by mistake.

To be fair, I only spent 1 week with the camera, and you really have to become 1 with your camera, like any tool, before everything becomes second nature. Fuji optics are just amazing, back in my large format view camera days, were talking 4X5 here folks, I always used to buy Fujinon lenses. So expect great quality from this camera, and I think most of you will be very happy.