Phase One IQ 180 Named Camera of the Year 2011

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Below is an excerpt from PDN Online:
Camera (System) of the Year: Phase One IQ180
In a tough year where the idea of “doing more with less” dominated most conventional thinking, it might seem peculiar that a big, 80-megapixel medium-format back that retails for $44,000 (for the back alone) would take home our top honors. But the Phase One IQ180 was just that good. We tested it paired with the Phase One 645DF camera and our results were off the charts. Here’s what we like about the IQ180: It has perhaps the best image quality of any camera system we’ve ever tested; its massive amounts of resolution bring out exquisite detail, making it great for shooting billboard-size campaigns; it boasts a gorgeous 3.2-inch touchscreen; there’s barely any shooting buffer delay despite the huge file sizes; and the USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 ports make tethering a snap. Yes, it costs about as much as an Audi but if image quality is what’s important to you, grab an IQ180 instead of a new car and save your money by taking public transportation. Click here to read the full review.

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