The Meat and Bones

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Sony HDR-FX7 HDV Camcorder

Continued from “My Story”…

Last year I had been using the Sony FX-7 as my primary camera and was happy with the footage but due to its size and weight, I was limited to how I could use it.

I took the  conventional approach and set-up rigging, hanging in a stationary position to shoot.  With Fred Flintstone stick and ducttape modifications, I quickly realized how a) my gear was unsafe and b) the physical size and weight of the video camera limited my movement.

I wanted to be able to move with my subject and shoot from different angles at one rigging point.  I needed a smaller and lighter camera.  And this is what brought me to Vistek.

Up to the third floor I went to the video department to get some advice and possible solutions to my dilemma.  Fred introduced me to the Sony MC-1, a small, lightweight HD camera with the added bonus of being separated from the viewfinder/battery pack by a 9ft umbilical cord.  Stick it on the end of a 10ft pole and I was pretty sure it would help me to get the shots I desired.

Sony HXR-MC1 Camcorder

It was actually small enough that I could stuff it into a backpack and free climb to the various positions I wanted to shoot from, set-up my own anchor stations as I needed the shoot the footage, collapse my anchors and move to a new positions.

I was very excited to get into the field and test my new camera!