5 Reasons to Become an RGD Member

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If you’re a creative out in the field, it might be comforting for you to know that there’s an organization that has your back. Since 1996, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers has been a force for creating a thriving network of graphic designers of all disciplines and related creative professionals. We’re proud to be associated with an organization that’s helped put professionals on the map like RGD has. So whether you’ve been thinking about joining or are just hearing about them for the first time right now, here are 5 reasons to join up with RGD.

1) It’s a true Community hub

RGD is a true community network for knowledge sharing, a hub for graphic designers and those seeking graphic design services (with community event/news listings, a Job Board, employer resources and more) and member recognition/publicity (i.e. case studies, Featured RGDs, Designer Directory…)

2) Tons of Opportunities

RGD brings its members opportunities for continuous learning and professional development opportunities.
Examples: annual DesignThinkers Conference, annual HeadStart Career Conference, weekly professional development webinars that are free for Members, quarterly Future by Design panel discussions, digital resources

3) Top Notch Insight

The RGD provides its members with big-picture insight and ideas into the industry’s inner workings, trends and practices. Examples include the bi-annual CreativeEarners Salary Survey, The Business of Graphic Design: A Professional’s Handbook (new edition to launch this Fall), AccessAbility initiative (a new handbook to launch this spring)

4) True Advocacy

RGD advocates strongly for professional industry standards, best practices and high quality, innovative work.
Examples of their advocacy efforts here. RGD advocates against spec work, and on issues such as sustainability, accessibility, internships and pro bono work. They also certify designers who qualify with the designation “Registered Graphic Designer” or “RGD” and recognize top work with the international So(cial) Good Design Awards and Student Awards.

5) Mentorship

They organize an ongoing mentorship program that strategically matches seasoned mentors with appropriate proteges.


Want to support industry research that is beneficial for all creatives working in Canada?  Check out RGD’s CreativeEarners Salary Survey, a national survey of salaries and billing practices in the communication design industry.

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