A photographer’s dream come true?

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“As a photographer I would love to belong to an organization that promises to expand my network for business opportunities. What’s more, it challenges my expertise and helps me improve my skills to achieve the highest standards of professionalism.”

Does that sound like something you’d say?

If so, you’ll be happy to hear that such an organization exists. Moreover, we’re glad to say that we (Vistek) see eye-to-eye on so many topics, we’ve decided to work together.

For that reason, we wholeheartedly encourage you to checkout Master Photographers of Canada (MPOC). It’s a new organization that works with photographers to master the art of photography and business of photography.

At MPOC, members benefit from working with a professional body of like-minded individuals. Their expertise and skills will help you to develop your photography career and business aspects. As a MPOC member you will receive support with ongoing mentoring and an educational program that will challenge you to try new techniques that will help benefit yourself and your business.

There’s more. As a MPOC card-carrying member, you will have access to workshops and seminars throughout the year, covering topics on photography, business, marketing, market pricing and customer service techniques. You will develop and maintain your competitive edge, as well as acquire the know how to draw in new clientele.

Join the Master Photographers of Canada and be a part of a new era in photography.