Matt Barnes + Sportsnet Magazine = Summer

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Photo genius, friend to Vistek and all-around good guy Matt Barnes has teamed up with Sportsnet Magazine to kick off their first annual Beauty of Sport issue, hitting news stands July 18th. Shot exclusively by Barnes, this special edition features 28 of Canada’s finest athletes in some very eye-pleasing shots. Among the elites in their skivvies, you’ll see Lauren Sesselmann, Kaylyn Kyle & Emily Zurrer. Even hundred metre Olympian, Justyn Warner is in on the fun!


Some of the equipment Barnes used to make magic of this Vegas shoot included:

We won’t give away any more of Matt’s trade secrets. Besides, you’re probably more interested in the subject matter at this point.  To tide you over till the issue’s in stores, Sportsnet’s provided a scintillating video preview for their July 15th special that captures the entire Beauty of Sport experience .

See the video here.
Good way to kick off the summer, no?