Check out POV Magazine… FREE until the end of 2010!

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Have you guys checked out POV Magazine lately? Vistek has – and can, officially, be considered a fan. If you haven’t, then you’re really missing out. This Canadian quarterly is the country’s number one source of news & information on all things Canadian film-related. With profiles on Canadian filmmakers & in-depth articles that examine the aesthetics, history, ethics, funding & cultural policies that drive documentary filmmaking in Canada and abroad, POV Magazine provides a wealth of information. And if you’re looking for coverage of the latest documentaries or reporting from film festivals around the world, you’ll find it too!

So if you’re looking to read up on documentaries and independent films made in Canada and abroad, POV should definitely be your go-to magazine. You can find it online or in newsstands across the country.

And from now until the end of 2010, you can take advantage of Vistek and POV’s little mutual admiration society – and read the digital version – HERE – for FREE with this handy access code: vistek2010.

THE TIFF ISSUE – FALL 2010 is currently online and the upcoming Winter issue will be online by the end of November. So go have a gander while it’s free! With a subscription price of only $20 ($15 if you’re a student!), though, you’re going to want to sign yourself up once you’ve had a look at what you’ve been missing!