Call for Submissions: Vistek’s CONTACT 2013 Gallery

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We’re putting out the official call for submissions — to any and all interested in seeing their work featured in the Vistek Toronto or Vistek Mississauga CONTACT 2013 Galleries!

As you know, this annual Photography Festival runs during the month of May each year and offers up tremendous amounts of exposure to those artists displaying their work in one of the, literally, dozens of galleries around the GTA.

If you want to be one of those featured artists, submit up to 15 of your best web-resolution photos to Vistek via email no later than Friday, November 9, 2012. Be sure to include your contact info along with an Artist’s Statement* of approximately 100 words.


* (these are the deets required by the good folks at CONTACT)

  1. EXHIBITION PROPOSAL: A concise one-page summary of the exhibition concept and content.
  2. SUPPORT MATERIAL: Up to 15 digital files (J-pegs maximum 1 MB each, please send as a .ZIP file attachment) with a corresponding list describing dimensions of work, media, title and year of production
  3. CURRICULUM VITAE: Or other biographical information for yourself participating in the exhibition
  4. CONTACT INFO: Correspondence details for inquiries: name, address, telephone, email

Email entries to TODAY!