Announcing Vistek’s Capture Canada Photo Contest Winners

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Vistek would like to congratulate and thank all of the photographers who entered our Capture Canada Photo Contest which ran from May 1 – June 30, 2017.

We were very impressed with all of the high quality photos (424 to be exact) that were entered, and while we wish we could award all of our participants, we did have the tough job of whittling it down to just final three images.

So, without further ado, here are the three winning images as chosen by our panel of judges.

Capture Canada Photo Contest Winners

1st Place – Northern Lights

Photographer: Sheri Skocdopole – Alberta

Website: Sweetpeapics by Sheri Skocdopole/

Image Caption: A late spring evening and the northern lights reflecting on Crimson Lake Alberta. My friend has a cabin on the lake and we have been waiting for this moment. She paddles out and in the silence of the night aurora begins to dance as the loons start their eerie call … it really doesn’t get more Canadian than that in my mind.

Capture Canada Photo Contest Image by Sheri Skocdopole

© Sheri Skocdopole

2nd Place – Lunar Eclipse & Blood Moon Over Tepee

Photographer: Joan Bateman – Alberta

Website: Gainsboro Studios

Image Caption: This is an image of the Lunar Eclipse and resulting “Blood Moon” over the Tepee located in Medicine Hat Alberta Canada. It is a symbolic image that speaks of our Canadian and native aboriginal heritage, and the roots of our countries solid belief in history and family.

Many tribes kept track of time and their historical stories by observing the seasons and lunar months, and the Tepee represents a history and a home; a place where families came together over the fire.

Capture Canada Photo Contest Image by Joan Bateman

© Joan Bateman

3rd Place – Iconic Northern Shield

Photographer: Russ Higgins – Ontario

Website: 500px – Russell Higgins

Image Caption: Exposed bedrock, fresh rushing water, pines

Capture Canada Image by Russ Higgins

© Russ Higgins

We’d also like to congratulate the other photographers who made it into the top 10 based on votes:

Images are in no particular order.

Nick Roy – Ontario

Capture Canada Image by Nick Roy

© Nick Roy

Max Forgues – Ontario

Capture Canada Image Max Forgues

© Max Forgues

Cecil Mackesey – Ontario

Capture Canada Image by Cecil Mackesey

© Cecil Mackesey

Berkcan Eser – Ontario

Capture Canada Image by Berk Can Eser

© Berkcan Eser

Shian Tan – Ontario

Capture Canada Image by Shian Tan

© Shian Tan

Dan Waldram – Ontario

Capture Canada Image by Dan Waldram

© Dan Waldram

Lee Ann Fitzgibbon – Ontario

Capture Canada Image by Lee Ann Fitzgibbon

© Lee Ann Fitzgibbon

Finally, Vistek would like to give a special thanks to our main sponsors Nikon Canada & Epson Canada for providing prizing for this contest.

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