Early Thoughts: Finding Vivian Maier

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This inspiring new documentary by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel has been creating buzz throughout the photographic community and beyond for the way its story hits home.

Why? Why? Why?

99.999999% of photographers in the world have one thing in common. They can’t wait to share their photos with others. Isn’t that a primary reason we take photos – to show them off?

Apparently, that’s not the case with one Vivian Maier. Have you heard this story?

A huge cache of her film was found and purchased at a recent auction in New York City, the city in which Vivian Maier lived most of her life. She grew up in Paris, France, and when she moved back to New York in 1951, she began taking photos as a hobby. Her full-time job was being a nanny to several different families, none of which had any idea they were housing a photo genius in their attic.

What was her motivation? Why did she take so many photos without sharing? Her close friends, the few she had, feel betrayed. ‘Why didn’t Vivian tell us?’ they wonder.

Questions we’ll never know. Vivian Maier, 1926 – 2009. A photo genius. A lasting mystery. 

We’ll be chatting with other industry personalities to get their thoughts on Vivian’s story, so stay tuned!