Female Eye Film Festival presents: Alive with Breath

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The Tenth Annual Female Eye Film Festival kids off its fundraising campaign at Toronto’s WARC Gallery with a multimedia exhibition by film director, Jules Koostachin, called Alive with Breath.

Alive with Breath is a multimedia installation piece that speaks to the beauty of life prior to Canadian Residential School experience. Inspired by Jules Koostachin’s mother, Rita, the project focuses on five survivors from the James Bay area through photography, audio recordings and video.

Alive with Breath celebrates the lives of Mushkegowuk (Cree) Elders before they were sent to residential schools.

“My mother gave me the idea,” says Artistic Director Jules Arita Koostachin.  “I asked her what her life was like before residential school and she said that no one had ever asked her that before.  I found it sad that no one would be interested in anything but my mother’s residential school experience.”

Rather than defining Elders by the traumas of their lives, Alive with Breath showcases early childhood experiences that breathe life into complex, three dimensional people and their relationships with family, land and Spirit.

Jules Koostachin will be at the event for a meet and greet as well as photo opportunities.

What: Alive with Breath
Where: WARC Gallery, 401  Richmond Street West
When: Wednesday, March 28 | 7pm