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Photo Fabulousness ——

With the Toronto Urban Photography Festival (TUPF) kicking off tonight with their Building Giants Exhibit (6:30-10:00 pm at Gallery 918) we thought in addition to sharing some photo goodness we’d get tips and tricks straight from the festival winners and runners-up on creating visually stunning urban imagery.

Tip #1 – Shoot Wide

Michael Pietrocarlo suggests using a wide-angle lens that opens up to a wide aperture. Shooting in derelict buildings limits the space and available light to compose a shot. One of his favourite lenses is Canon’s EF 16-35 f/2.8 L II.

2nd Place Winner: Michael Pietrocarlo – Rust Belt

TUPF Building Giants Local 2nd Place Winner: Michael Pietrocarlo – Rust Belt

Tip #2 – Seize the Moment and Earn the Shot

Dave, better known as Freaktography says:

Getting up this high isn’t easy, this moment is short, and this view is rare – look down and capture these scenes that can’t possibly be seen from the ground level. Carry a sturdy tripod, walk slowly and calculate each and every step.

Category: Tranquility Photographer: Dave Conlon Title: Silence from Above

Building Giants Local Runners Up: Freaktography – Silence from Above

Tip #3 – Find the Light in the Shadows

Many photographers say avoid shooting in dappled light, but if you’re looking for light and paying attention ou can make it work just like photographer Colin Boyd Shafer of has proven with the following shot. Here is Valeria (Born in Argentina) sitting in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

here is Valeria (Born in Argentina) sitting in Trinity Belwoods Park

TUPF Building Giants Global 1st Place Winner: Colin Boyd Shafer – Cosmopolis Toronto

 Tip #4 – Take Time to Observe your Surroundings

Jackson Hung, who is a TUPF Building Giants Global runner-up has these words of advice

Always spend time at a location and observe your surroundings. Things tend to happen in patterns and waiting patiently will help you capture that moment. It doesn’t hurt to take multiple shots as well. This photo was taken from a pedestrian bridge in Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong, I patiently observed how people were crossing the street with my camera up to my eye and when I felt the moment was right, I took several shots and this image was the result.

The Crosswalk - Jackson Hung

The Crosswalk – Jackson Hung

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The Toronto Urban Photography Festival runs June 27 – July 12.