Natural Art Images: Spotlight on Brad Hill

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Never let anyone ever tell you that the worlds of art and science don’t meld brilliantly. British Columbia resident Brad Hill will certainly tell you otherwise, if you try.

This former biologist/lecturer, who describes himself as “a full-time rabid nature photographer whose major focus is conservation,” has been photographing the natural world for over a quarter century. His beginnings didn’t start in the art world, however. But, with a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology and a M.Sc. in Behavioural Ecology, it’s not entirely surprising that he’s come full circle through the professional path of Biologist, Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner, Communications Consultant, Hi Tech Worker, and, finally, Nature Photographer.

Keen to aim his camera at anything natural, Hill’s photographic goal is to extract and expose the natural art that surrounds us all. The majority of the images in his gallery currently on display at Vistek Toronto (until November 23) were captured in a B.C. region popularly-known as The Great Bear Rainforest – a pristine area where wildlife abounds, including a large number of grizzly bears, rare white black bears known as Spirit Bears, and more.

Hill also leads photographic tours through this area so that others may see – and hopefully help protect – this globally-unique natural treasure.

And his efforts to conserve this beautiful part of the country aren’t limited to merely showing it off. He also donates a significant portion of the revenue he generates though his photography to conservation groups. As well, he donates limited-edition prints for fundraising purposes, and contributes his images to select environmental organizations for use in their own marketing & promotional materials.

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If you’re in the Toronto area, drop by Vistek Toronto to view his beautiful photographs, currently on display until November 23.

What: Photo Gallery — Capturing Nature by Brad Hill
Where: Vistek Toronto | 496 Queen St. East
When: Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 6pm | Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm