Phase One 5-Minute Fashion Shoot Out

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Our Phase one Advantage series went to a new level last week at Pink Panther Studios, when we did our first 5-minute Fashion Shoot Out. Each participant was given 5 minutes with a Phase One 645 DF camera, an IQ 180 Back and IQ 140 back, on 2 fashion sets; they were then given the opportunity to shoot our models, without changing any lighting, to come up with a winning image.

Many of our participants had never even held a medium format digital camera and said that they were absolutely blown away by the image quality.

Both of our models, Kelleth Cuthbert and Karina H., were superstars and endured the 4-hour sessions without even taking a break.

Below are two images taken with the IQ 180 back and shot on our Beauty Set with the Elinchrom Octa Light and Beauty Dish.