Phase One Advantage Series with John T. Davis

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We were lucky enough to have John T. Davis, a local Toronto jazz legend, perform for a special event as part of the Phase One Advantage series for Vistek.

Held at the Dominion Pub on Queen Street East, right next door to Vistek’s downtown flagship store, the event was an overwhelming success. Clients got the chance to try out the Phase One 645 DF Camera with multiple lenses, and switch between the new IQ 160 and IQ 180 digital backs.

Below are a few images from the event.  They were shot with the IQ 160 Back with the Schneider LS 110 mm.

Full Image#1

Full image #2

For all you pixel peepers out there, this one is a 100% crop of Image#2

Check out some more of the behind-the-scenes action!

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