Redrock Micro to star at Indie Lounge

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The Indie Lounge will again play a prominent role in the Grand River Film Festival, southwestern Ontario’s not-for-profit film event. And this year, Redrock Micro is cast in a starring role.

The Indie Lounge will feature advanced workshops, demonstrations, panel discussions and guest speakers discussing independent film and video creation and distribution. Included in the conference is the seminar, An Introduction to Redrock Micro digital 35mm Cinematography”.

Event Overview

This seminar will discuss the benefits and challenges of using the Redrock 35mm Depth-Of-Field Adapter in concert with your HD video camera. With the right tools and knowledge, the Redrock Micro M2 can help transform your everyday video shoots in extraordinary, cinematic experiences.
Level of Participant: Intermediate to professional

Learn the principles behind 35mm “Depth-of-field” (or DOF) adapters and find out about the specific functions of the Redrock Micro 35mm M2 as compared to its competitors. Go through a brief primer on the importance of depth-of-field and lens choice in regards to cinematography. Discuss the inherent problems in using a 35mm adapter, and how best to overcome them. There will also be a brief discussion about the Redrock DSLR packages and how to utilize them in conjunction with your Canon EOS 5D Mark II,¬† Nikon D90, or other video-equipped DSLR.

What You Will Learn

  • The importance of DOF as a story-telling device
  • The limitations of 1/4″, 1/3″ and 1/2″ HD video cameras with regard to DOF and distortion.
  • The principles behind, and functioning of the Redrock M2
  • An in-depth discussion about lens-choice and brand.
  • A discussion of cinematic tools such as follow focuses, matte boxes, shoulder-mounts and rail systems.
  • A brief discussion and activity on working the Redrock Micro M2 into your film shoot (limitations and considerations, how to mark off actors for follow-focus operation, how to effectively use a Mattebox for filters and to control flare.)

Who Should Attend
This seminar is aimed at both the aspiring and professional cinematographer and videographer. A short section of the seminar will be dedicated to the Redrock DSLR packages, and photographers wishing to learn about these products should attend, but should also understand that most of the seminar will be about the M2 adapter and peripherals.

Presenter:  Evan King (Vistek Pro Video Sales Associate | Director of Photography)
Evan King actually began as a child actor before moving behind the camera. He received his academic credentials at the likes of Harvard¬† University and University of Ottawa, and is presently studying Photographic Theory at York. Evan has shot a number of weddings, music and corporate videos, as well as short films, television pilots and features. While Evan worked with film in his early projects, he’s grown to appreciate the speed and flexibility of digital, creating pieces that “have the same depth and organic feeling of ones captured on celluloid”. Currently Evan works in the Panasonic P2 format, but is equally at home with dv, hdv, xdcam and red, as well as the new crop of DSLRs.