Toronto Urban Photography Festival and The Disposable Camera Project

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DCP debuted as a installation in the Toronto Urban Photography Festival in 2013. Since then, DCP—which formally launched last July—has expanded into an international street-photography phenomenon in cities including Vancouver, Montréal, Amsterdam, Auckland, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Tokyo, and Brooklyn. DCP aims to democratize street photography by actually involving the people on the street.

Disposable Camera Project @the CNE

Disposable Camera Project at the CNE

Cameras are placed across cities and everyday people are encouraged to take pictures, capturing moments that might have otherwise gone forever uncaptured. From silly selfies, to breathtaking sunsets, to stolen kisses, our albums have captured the gamut of urban life on film. DCP wants to tell the stories of people in cities all over the world through the people themselves. It’s street photography showcasing people on the street BY the people on the street: a collaborative, crowdsourced worldwide urban census. Spontaneous, unplanned & unfiltered. That’s DCP.

Opening Gala/TUPF Closing Party: July 11 6:30-11pm
Section 37 Gallery – 180 Sudbury St – Concourse Level