12 Hours • 12 Themes • 12 Exposures: Vancouver's Photo Marathon

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If you still love to shoot film and are in the Vancouver area, then you don’t want to miss out on this exciting event! The Vancouver Photo Marathon takes place this weekend –  Saturday, August 18, to be precise – and the fee to enter is a mere $36 per person (just make sure you buy yours in advance here; they won’t be available the day of the marathon.)

Photo enthusiasts of all skill levels are encouraged to participate –  all you need is a working 35mm camera. Each participate will be given one marked roll of B&W 12-exposure film to use to take one photo for each of the 12 themes announced over a period of 12 hours.On marathon day (Aug. 18), one theme will be randomly drawn and announced at the top of every hour beginning at 10am. And, because your medium is film, participants will only have one exposure to capture each theme in the exact sequence that they are given. Photos will be judged on creativity, aesthetics, theme interpretation, and overall series.

There is, officially, a maximum of 60 participants. However, folks are welcomed and encouraged to bring along any friends or family members for inspiration or to lend an extra pair of hands.

Need more info? You can get all the details HERE.

Check out last year’s winners here!