Upcoming seminars to help you get the BEST Holiday Photos!

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If you’re in Toronto, Mississauga or Calgary this Saturday (Dec. 12) and you’ve finished all your Holiday Shopping – why not check out one of these informative seminars?

  • Introduction to Point and Shoot Cameras (10am – Mississauga)
    A fun and practical class where new point-and-shoot digital camera owners will learn easy tips about how to take better photos.
  • Lenses: Your Camera’s Eye (10am – Toronto)
    A thorough understanding of how camera lenses affect your image is essential for creative control in photography.
  • Photography Basics (10am – Calgary)
    In the confusing world of digital photography, one of the few constants is this: Automatic functions do not get the most from your camera.
  • Better Family Photos (2pm – Mississauga)
    A fun, practical class where digital camera owners learn easy tips about how to take better photos of children and pets.