Upcoming Seminars you do NOT want to miss!

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Vistek Toronto has a couple of exciting seminars taking place in the next few weeks that shouldn’t be missed.

Next Saturday’s (Sept. 26) Getting the Most from your Epson Photo Printer is for entry level to intermediate photographers interested in producing truly professional photo prints. This 3-hour seminar will teach you the proper techniques for getting effective, consistently perfect prints from Epson Pro Photo Printers.

You’ll learn:
• Step-by-step printing tutorial, including tips for monitor calibration
• How to optimize your digital images for printing
• Using the Epson printer driver for maximum results
• Discussion of different media types

Sign up now while there is still space available.
The Saturday after that (Oct. 3) offers an intermediate approach to creating and converting digital photographs into properly exposed Black and White Photographs. The 6-hour Digital Black and White seminar will teach:

• Exposure for Black and White
• Digital Conversion Photoshop
• Tools and accessories to achieve different effects

The first part of the session will involve  hands-on photography walking through the neighbourhood, so bring your camera! And a laptop with a recent version of Photoshop is required (download the free trial version of the most recent version , if you’re not sure how current your software is.)

Oh yeah – lunch is included in your registration fee!

Sign up today!