Vistek Presents: The Creative Series – with Pro Photographer Gary Ray Rush

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A 4-part instructional series designed to inform and teach the basics of photography will take place June 16 – 24 at Vistek’s Toronto location. Experienced teacher & accomplished photographer, Gary Ray Rush,  uses the theory & application approach in these highly-interactive sessions that will give attendees ample opportunity to learn photography in a fun, hands-on environment.

Class topics include:

  1. Creative Camera – Learn the photographic basics that apply to every camera ever made, film or digital, beginner to professional. Students will learn to shoot in manual mode to understand the principles of how an image is made.
  2. Language of the Photographer – Discover how your camera records light, so you can control the way it affects your photographs. Put your manual controls to full advantage to shape the effect of light.
  3. Creative Lighting – This class is designed to inspire. First, you will experiment indoors with studio lights to learn how light can be shaped and manipulated. Then you will move outdoors, working with available light and modifying with on-camera flash.
  4. Composition – A brilliant Powerpoint presentation with all the rules, reasons and explanations of composition; all backed up with classic and contemporary fine art. Your work is then reviewed and critiqued.

Classes can be purchased individually, but students registering for the entire series will save $100 on the price of admission.

When: June 16 to 24, 2009 (classes start at 10am and run for 3 hours)
Where: Vistek Toronto – 496 Queen St. E [map]
Price: $400 for the entire series; $125 per class.

Get more info & register.