Vistek Toronto's Canon EOS 7D VIP Launch Party

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Congratulations to Grant Cronyn @first3rd Productions – he’s won a Canon EOS 7D simply by attending Vistek’s VIP Launch event & entering our draw!

Vistek’s Canon EOS 7D launch party last Thursday was a resounding success! Over 300 people were on hand (when a max. of 250 were expected) to witness the new Canon EOS 7D – and to get their hands on the newest DSLR in the prosumer lineup. With live entertainment, amazing food and some incredible visuals projected onto the walls (and the event’s 57″ flat screen monitors), Shin Sugino‚Äôs Studio was abuzz with excitement.

“Everyone really enjoyed the evening,” says Vistek Events Co-ordinator Julie Webster, “the presentation was fantastic, the atmosphere was a lot of fun and people really seemed to love it.”

Canon representative Neil Stephenson was on hand and the camera was put through its paces by professional photographer Mario Miotti (who demonstrated, with the aid of two models, the camera’s image capture quality and overall performance) along with Vistek’s Matthew Nayman and Sean Manton – who demonstrated the camera’s HD video capabilities.

Folks in Ottawa can attend a smaller version of this incredible event on Thursday – check out all the details here & register now!