A Love Affair with Photography

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Billie Chiasson’s “A Love Affair with Photography”

Will be available for public viewing in the Vistek Toronto in-store gallery until the end of September.

Less than a decade ago Billie picked up her first camera. Actually, it wasn’t even hers. She borrowed a point-and-shoot from a friend so she could take some shots of her father and brother on a golf outing. That day, her golf game took a back seat, for she found way more enjoyment shooting pics instead of birdies.

A Love Affair with PhotographyToday, a mere 9 years later, Billie Chiasson has established herself as one of Toronto’s most polished portraiture and fashion photographers – with a style often described as “beautiful”. Her passion as well as her career are definitely on an upswing; Billie’s a busy go-to photographer for a handful of prestigious modelling agencies, and has a growing portfolio that includes Vogue.it, The Huntress, ACF, Glassbook, Xquisit, Remark, Fstoppers and other publications.

And to think, at one point, Billie was actually seriously debating whether to stick with photography or to pursue a career in finance.

Fortunately love won over money. Photography is now her bread & butter.

A Love Affair with Photography

A Love Affair with Photography will be on public display at the Vistek Toronto In-store Gallery until the end of September.

A Love Affair with Photography - Billie Chiasson




Billie Chiasson – Billie is a Portraiture and Fashion photographer located out of Toronto, ON.  – www.billiechiassonphotography.com