‘To Fredricton’ by Michael Clowater

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Michael Clowater, Creative Director at BBDO, has invited us to take a road trip he’s taken a hundred times. And no need to leave the city to experience this adventure. Clowater created an interactive installation entitled “To Fredericton” that debuted at Relish/567/Tendril’s 10th annual “Life Beyond Advertising – An Art Party”. Over 400 party attendees soaked in the full road trip experience, snacking on timbits and listening to a road trip playlist as they sat in a reconstructed car, complete with flatscreen TV’s made to emulate car windows. Video footage of the 1400 KM journey between Toronto and Fredericton played on these screens.

Clowater chose Vistek as his go-to equipment store to create this amazing installation. His equipment rental included five Canon VIXIA HFR42 GB Cameras.

Check out images of Clowater’s “To Fredericton” installation that was shown in a cleared out editing suite at the party:

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