Vistek Gallery: Featured artist Q & A with Shauna & Gareth Roughley

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As you may or may not already be aware, each and every Vistek location has its own Photo Gallery (you didn’t know? well you do now!) to showcase some of the incredible end results of gear, talent and technique. There have been dozens of incredible exhibits and there are many more in store. Right now, Vistek’s Mississauga store is featuring the work of Edmonton-based photographers Shauna & Gareth Roughly.

Gareth and Shauna both felt an urge to travel. In 2003, their wandering souls took them to Adelaide, Australia, where they met. Since then they have carried their adventures on through Australia, Canada, the UK, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India and Turkey. Their passion for adventure couples perfectly with their love for photography. These passions have created a visual travel journal of their lives.

Were you both working as photographers when you met?

Shauna: No, not at all! Up until meeting Gareth, I had never touched an SLR. We had been together for a few years when Gareth was asked to shoot a friend’s wedding. I learned fast how to use an SLR, as I had always loved taking pictures. And the rest is history.
Gareth: In 2004 I was traveling the world improving and learning about landscape and travel photography. When we met, my SLR had just been stolen so I was going through a hiatus. Then Shauna bought me a new SLR for Christmas a few years later, so I was back to it.

How long did it take you to realize that your shared passion for travel and photography would make a fabulous partnership and business venture?

Gareth: It took us a long time to actually travel extensively together. We met in Australia in 2004 but it was not until 2007 that we were on a plane together. In 2007 we traveled around the UK which was lots of fun. Shauna loved the scenery and the differences in lifestyle and culture. Ever since then, we have photographed more and more together.
Shauna: I think we really realized how much we could do with this on our last trip, our 17 month trip from December 2010 to May 2012. We kept our blog going, we met other photographers and travellers, and really just realized that people wanted to hear and see our story. It was amazing.

How did you (both of you) get your start?

Gareth: Coming to Canada in 2005, I found a gallery that would take my work. I don’t think I would have stepped inside to ask if not for Shauna’s support and encouragement.
Shauna: I didn’t understand why he WOULDN’T go into the gallery – his photos are amazing! Like I said, it was a friend’s wedding who pushed me to pick up a camera and learn.

What is your background/education?

Gareth: I took my  BA Honours in film, television and radio studies in uni. I have lots of friends involved in the television industry and production industry.
Shauna: I have my Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional writing.

What/who (where?) inspires you to shoot?

Gareth: I loved large scale cinematography of David lean and Freddie young when I was growing up. Being able to capture the majesty of some of the places I have seen. Not simply to photograph them superficially but to capture their essence. I love the art of Shona Moller, and Adris Appes photographs as well.
Shauna: I love to photograph people. When I see a beautiful scene, I imagine posing people into it. Our minds work so differently. I follow so many different photographers, I love Jinky Art, and we have many amazing photographers right in Edmonton. I’m just inspired to tell a story, so I always want to photograph a wedding, or a family, through a story format.

What has been your most career defining moment so far?

Gareth: Selling my first image was a big deal. It still gets me every time we have inquiries for more
Shauna: The first time we had an article published was absolutely amazing. Seeing my writing and Gareth’s travel photography together was unlike anything else. It’s something I want to do more of.

Can you share with us anything that you’re working on right now?

Gareth: Still have a multitude of images from our recent travels – some large scale images, multiple shots stitched together.
Shauna: Getting our business back up and running in Edmonton! It’s been a busy season. We have so many ideas for our travel photos, including books and calendars. Once they’re all edited we want to start making a cohesive collection.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Gareth: Hopefully with a long term exhibition space, traveling and seeing more of the world with my family.
Shauna: With a successful photography business, travelling in the winter and shooting in Edmonton in the summer. I want us to be loving what we’re doing and enjoying every moment of it.

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A Visual Travel Journal by Shauna and Gareth Roughly is currently on exhibit at Vistek’s Mississauga location (5840 Mavis Road.) 

Drop by and see this series of photos for yourself – now until August 31. The Exhibit will then be on display Sept. 3 through Oct. 5 in the Toronto store,  Oct. 22 through Nov. 30 in the Ottawa store, and Dec. 7 through 31 at Vistek Edmonton.