Whether it's our ongoing World Class YouTube series, or our photographer spotlights, our interviews series is here to introduce you to our industry's up-and-coming and veteran image makers.

OK kids, are you ready for a puppet show?


We came across a video and were so intrigued by it, we reached out to its creators to find out how they did it. Don’t laugh. It’s a puppet show. Shadow puppets, to be exact. (Remember how you used to use your hands to make shadows of birds and animals on a wall? It’s like that only using actually cut-out puppets.) The thing that fascinated us the most is that — in this age of special effects — it’s neat to see artists today produce an animated show that`s purely analogue. According to Sarah Fairlie and Erin Fleck, the puppeteers…

Windows Through the Forest – Steven Friedman


Steven Friedman’s initial career path didn’t lead into a forest. Far from it. It involved working at a pre-eminent Canadian think tank as a Economics consultant. His Economic days were over the moment he picked up his first SLR on a hiking outing in Gatineau Park outside his home town of Ottawa. After that, his passion turned from churning numbers and stats to photographing fine art landscapes. Oddly enough, Steven still applies the patience and long-term thinking of an economist to his work as a landscape photographer. For example, Steven travels to remote locations around the world, often hiking for…

The Exciting World of Scanography – Janet Dwyer


Photographer Janet Dwyer utilizes a flatbed scanner as an imaging tool instead of the traditional digital camera to capture images. Inspired by the infinite variety and exact structures found in the natural world, Janet scans plants, feathers, bones, ice, live and dead insects on a flatbed scanner, as a way to convert the 3-dimensional objects to digital information. And here lies the secret: the scanner magnifies details that are often too small to see, offering a sense of intimacy and a unique connection to structures within objects. Dwyer’s work has won several international awards, including a first-place prize in the…

Little People, Big Landscape – John Rathwell


John Rathwell is a self-taught action sports photographer based in Ottawa Ontario. With John’s series Little People Big Landscape he’s found a unique, and striking style and of action photography where the individual – whether it’s a kayaker or mountain biker – takes up a small part of the photo allowing the landscape to dominate.. According to John, “I like shooting this way because it allows the viewer to dream and put themselves in the location.”

Cosmopolis: A Q&A with Colin Boyd Shafer


Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. More than half of its 3 million inhabitants are born outside of Canada. The challenge: photograph someone born in every single country of the world who now calls Toronto home. Photographer Colin Boyd Shafer accepted the challenge. And over the course of a year (June 2013 – June 2014) captured Toronto citizens, along with a prized possession that trace their origins and represent tangible connections to their past. Born in Kitchener, Colin Boyd Shafer is an award-winning documentary photographer, winning the 2013 Human Rights Watch Film Festival’s Photography Competition in London, UK, and the 2014 Toronto…

A Q&A with Trevor Black


Trevor Black, is a Vistek Photo Sales Consultant in our Mississauga location by day and an accomplished wedding and travel photographer on his days off. Recently, we chatted with Trevor to get some of his insights about gear, globetrotting and his love of photography. Meet Trevor Black How does your job at Vistek relate to your creativity outside of the office? Learning how to use the new tech and implementing it into my shoots, For example, I am more on location shoots with cordless flash now that it’s possible to do so without needing special triggers. How long has photography been…

Mission: Capture the ancient treasures of Italy with a toy camera.


Award winning photographer Karen Perlmutter, on a recent trip to Italy, embarked on a photographic mission with a twist. She was determined to capture the phenomenal beauty of central Italy, better known as the Umbria region, and specifically to capture the exquisite beauty of the ancient foundations in Spoleto. Why travel to far-away Italy and take photos using a $69 plastic Holga camera – using nothing but film, no less? “With this camera, I was able to achieve such effects as blurring, vignetting, light leaks and distortions,” says Karen. As for using film, she claims, “With film I was able…

Danny Turcotte – Painter of Light


Danny Turcotte is both a North Bay Ontario based Photographer and owner of Catch-Light Photography. As a contemporary photographer who strives for a style that is both diverse and unique, Danny ensures that each photo he captures tells a story. With his camera, he has traveled as far as India, Cambodia, and the Phillipines. He has also ventured locally throughout towns all across Canada. Danny is constantly searching for new and exciting ways to share his amazing view of the world with those around him. When he isn’t working weddings, you’re sure to see Danny spending time with his son,…

Raising Voices – Raising Hope – A Q&A with Henry VanderSpek


Meet Henry VanderSpek Henry VanderSpek has made a career of creating cultural expressions – snapshots of a part of the world many of us are totally unfamiliar with. Throughout his career, VanderSpek has captured vibrant images of the joy, pain and plight of people in urban backdrops both here and abroad in his work with Matthew House, World Vision Canada and Photographers Without Borders. VanderSpek‘s series, Raising Voices – Raising Hope, currently featured in Vistek’s Toronto Store Gallery, highlights his interactions with schoolchildren in Uganda. In this project, Henry traveled with Photographers Without Borders, working with the Raising Voices‘ Good School program, which seeks to remove violence…

Indie of the Week: Ian Pettigrew’s Touching Portraits of Canadians with Cystic Fibrosis


Welcome back to another Indie of the Week! We’ve enjoyed putting these posts together to not only show you the breadth of talent and imagination in Canada, but to also give you an opportunity to help artists reach their goals and fulfil their artistic vision. For that reason, we couldn’t be more thrilled to present this week’s indie by Hamilton photographer Ian Pettigrew. Ian’s Indiegogo is a portrait project to give adults living with Cystic Fibrosis – a life-shortening disease – a stronger voice. The fundraising on the page goes to his travels and printing of the book. We got a chance to…

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