Hey, Ladies! CWPNetwork offers forum for Female Canadian Photographers

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There’s a new online abode for female shutterbugs of the Great White North to hang their virtual hats: CWPNetwork.

This newly-launched online community catering to Canadian women offers a wealth of information and resources through podcasts, networking, mentoring, positive peer support, and valuable vendor relationships.

The Canadian Women Photographers Network is guided by three imperatives: Connect, Learn and Grow. Our aim is to provide our membership with the knowlsdge, techniques and resources necessary for success in the photography industry.
— CWPN Mission Statement

The site is divided into Public & Private (members-only) sections and offers free — manually screened & approved — memberships  to women (sorry guys: No Boys Allowed) who are keen to network with other women photographers. And while membership isn’t off-limits to non-Canadians, the forums do cater to Canadian women, with discussions centred around business practices and copyright based on Canadian law.

The private section offers a private forum, mentorship program, monthly product giveaways, vendor discounts, a newsletter and consideration for inclusion in the photography spotlight. And the public section allows you to peruse said spotlight as well as access articles, podcasts &  product reviews.

So if you’re female, Canadian and a photography pro or enthusiast, you should definitely check out CWPNetwork!