My Slave Sister Myself: 2011 Female Eye Film Festival Best Documentary

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Last week, New Jersey filmmaker Gwen Ragsdale was awarded the Vistek-sponsored Best Documentary prize, for My Slave Sister Myself, at the 2011 Female Eye Film Festival.

My Slave Sister Myself is a gripping, documentary film about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, it’s effect on enslaved Africans and its lasting impact on African Americans today. First person narratives describe slave women’s traumatic experiences and draw a parallel between feelings deeply embedded in the souls of today’s Black woman. The similarities are stunning! The film also exposes how slavery shaped perceptions about Black manhood. This ground breaking film pays homage to African slave descendants and sheds light on perceptions about today’s ‘Angry Black Woman’ and the ‘Black Man’s Sexual Prowess.’ Men and women; young and old alike will greatly benefit from the information this film conveys. My Slave Sister Myself will elevate your consciousness and enable you to gain an awareness of your own inner slave sister or brother.”

“This film doesn’t point blame, or assign guilt, nor does it seek to judge,” said Ragsdale in her acceptance speech, “It simply reveals…”

My Slave Sister Myself is Ragsdale’s second documentary film (her first, titled Lest We Forget, was awarded the 2007 HBO Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival Best Documentary Award) and she is the founder of the Lest We Forget Film Productions & Traveling Slavery Museum.

Vistek is proud to be sponsor the Best Documentary award at this year’s Female Eye Film Festival and looks forward to doing so again next year for the festival’s Tenth Anniversary Event!