Planet in Focus Film Festival: Congratulations Charlotte Engel!

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Producer, Charlotte Engel, was this year’s Planet in Focus Green Pitch winner for her documentary, Carpe Diem. As such, she’s the recipient of  a $5,500 development award in cash and production services along with a $500 Vistek Gift Card!

Carpe Diem is about an indestructible breed of fish, the Asian Carp, and the people who love them—and the people who hate them. Asian Carp are here to stay in North America. Despite best efforts in shooting, electrocuting, poisoning and catching them, they multiply like rabbits. And yet they remain a substantial threat to North America and its freshwater eco systems. Carpe Diem will travel to the battlefields in Illinois where a major offense is taking place to prevent the spread of this invasive fish into the Great Lakes. For contrast, we will travel Asia to meet the people who love, eat and worship the fish. And finally, we will look for other solutions and usage for this naughty and invasive fish. Can there be a harmonious yin-yang solution to this Carpy problem? Stay tuned and find out in Carpe Diem: The Documentary.

The Planet in Focus Green Pitch gave film makers an opportunity to pitch  ideas to the people with the power to give their  project the green light. With broadcasters, producers and established filmmakers on board to lend their insight, this pitch session gave participants the opportunity to test their green story ideas in front of creative professionals.

Congratulations, once again,  Charlotte!