Now On Stands: POV Magazine's Fall Issue!

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Point of View’s Fall issue (#83 for those of you keeping track!) is now on stands – just in time for TIFF! In fact, you can get your copy in Toronto this fall at TIFF, Planet in Focus Film Festival, imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival and the Reel Asian Film Festival.

But for those of you not lucky enough to attend any of these fantastic events, don’t fret: you ARE lucky to be one of our readers! And that means you can head on over to Point of View’s digital archive and enter POVadvertiser to access not just this issue, but all issues published from 2005 to 2011.

What’s in this issue:

Illuminating Issues

  • Surviving Progress by Adam Nayman
    Ronald Wright’s Massey lecture becomes a thoughtful documentary essay. Nayman looks at a film, that offers a devastating look at what industrial “progress” has meant to the world in recent times.
  • The Archives in Contemporary Documentaries by Gabriel M. Paletz
    Using curator/archivist Rick Prelinger’s programme at the prestigious Full Frame Festival, Paletz surveys changing approaches to the use of historical footage, suggesting strategies to realize its contemporary creative potential—in docs, fiction and experimental films.
  • Upward Facing Dog: Yoga and Me/Yoga On Screen by Maurie Alioff
    A personal look at yoga films by a critic who is also a practitioner.

Truth Telling

  • Position Among the Cameras by James Buffin
    Comparing his new, quite personal doc to the award-winning non-fiction feature Position Among the Stars, Buffin looks at the ethics of constructing a film—and shooting in Indonesia.
  • Lying the Truth: on the reality of making docs by Sally Blake
    The producer of the highly regarded surveillance doc Peep Culture as well as reality-TV shows, Blake uncovers disturbing parallels between the two genres. Bottom line: people are happy to exploit themselves and are fascinated by each other’s foibles and failings.

Docs Abroad

  • Bridging the Gap: Docs in China by Peter Wintonick
    A survey of China’s documentary scene by Canada’s “doc ambassador.” From festivals to co-productions, China is opening up to the West—and Wintonick spells out the results thus far.
  • New Nordic Documentary Cinema by Ezra Winton
    Writer, Cinema Politica programmer and teacher Winton surveys the trends toward the personal and political in docs from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway.

There’s No Business…

  • One is the Loneliest Number by Sarah Keenlyside
    Is it possible to make one-off “POV” docs anymore? Writer-director Keenlyside asks experts ranging from her old film prof to broadcasters and other filmmakers whether she’s chosen the wrong profession.
  • Rays of Hope by Merrily Weisbord
    A visit to La Rochelle’s Sunny Side of the Doc revealed that co-productions are still taking place—but without the ease and frequency of the past. Weisbord, an industry vet, investigates a changing terrain.
  • Pointed View: Don’t Look Front by Zoe Garnett
    Singer-actor-writer Garnett’s funny and personal account of meeting legendary filmmaker Ricky Leacock.
  • Policy Matters: Greetings from Planet TIFF by Barri Cohen

POV can be found on newsstands across Canada.