Twitter introduces tweetPhoto

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tweetPhotoA new free photo sharing service now allows Twitter users to easily upload photos and have them automatically published & turned into tweets on Twitter. Yes, yes… another 2.0 user generated content site. But this one – tweetPhoto – is a real amalgam of previously existing sites. For want of a better description, imagine Flickr and Facebook and Twitter all rolled into one.

The site launched April 30 and encorporates many of the features utlized by other photosharing sites (mobile uploads, image tagging, geotagging etc.) and throws in the handy social networking features of Twitter and Facebook Connect (which allows you to filter through the people you follow on Twitter to find your Facebook Friends and, in turn, publishes to your Facebook account any photos you upload to tweetPhoto.)

With tweetPhoto, you can:

  • Upload photos by email, mobile or web
  • See who viewed any photo
  • Favorite or retweet any photo
  • Have your photos automatically geo-tagged
  • Filter photos by Twitter or Facebook friends
  • Automatically publish photos to Facebook
  • Search photos and see trending tags