Welcome to the Vistek Online Photo Gallery

No matter what photographic equipment and techniques you use, it’s all about the end result: great images; images that tell a story about a time or place; images that portray emotion; images that inspire. In fact, we were so inspired, we built a gallery in each of our stores. If you would like to show your work in one of them, please email us at gallery@vistek.ca and we will get in touch with you.”

Kasha Slavner – On the Sunny Side of the Street


Kasha Slavner is an award winning documentary filmmaker and photographer who’s passion for social justice…

Earl Havlin: The Eyes Have It. – Faces – Photo Series – Vistek Ottawa


Closely cropping his images to avoid distractions from the background of other parts of the…

Foreground, Background, It’s All the Same Ground to Anthony Chang


The power of photography caught Anthony Chang’s eye at a young age, all thanks to the seemingly “magical…

Mario Miotti – It Started With Passion And Then It Sparked


Fashion photographer Mario Miotti has always had a passion for fashion and design. His photography,…