Welcome to the Vistek Online Photo Gallery

No matter what photographic equipment and techniques you use, it’s all about the end result: great images; images that tell a story about a time or place; images that portray emotion; images that inspire. In fact, we were so inspired, we built a gallery in each of our stores. If you would like to show your work in one of them, please email us at gallery@vistek.ca and we will get in touch with you.”

Singer of Songs and Stills – A Photographic Journey from Lloyd Frost


You see it quite often. A great actor who is also an accomplished painter, or a perhaps a singer who is also a talented writer. Most people initially place Lloyd Frost as a singer/songwriter. But like a lot of multi-talented artists, the Montreal born/Ottawa resident has blossomed into an award-winning filmmaker/photographer. Many of Lloyd’s images on display have been derived from the outstanding short films he made. The award winning, “In Everyone’s Eyes” and his second “The Sun is Rising” which premiered just weeks ago at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. “In Everyone’s Eyes” The award winning “In Everyone’s Eyes” (filmed…

The Birthday Book Project


They say it’s your birthday. But what does it mean? Does our birth date have anything to do with who we are? Astrology suggests that the way we are can be explained by the answer to “what’s your sign?”. But what about our own personal experiences, thoughts and emotions; don’t they count for something? It’s a thought-provoking topic. And it’s why a group of Canadian photographers set out on a mission to capture 366 individuals from around the world, each born on a different day of the year. And if you were wondering, ‘why 366?’ Don’t forget leap years, so…

A Love Affair with Photography


Billie Chiasson’s “A Love Affair with Photography” Will be available for public viewing in the Vistek Toronto in-store gallery until the end of September. Less than a decade ago Billie picked up her first camera. Actually, it wasn’t even hers. She borrowed a point-and-shoot from a friend so she could take some shots of her father and brother on a golf outing. That day, her golf game took a back seat, for she found way more enjoyment shooting pics instead of birdies. Today, a mere 9 years later, Billie Chiasson has established herself as one of Toronto’s most polished portraiture and fashion photographers –…

Working Nepalese – Kristin Lau


Kristin Lau’s “Working Nepalese” Is the focus of the latest Toronto in store gallery. An ambitious project that takes the ‘man vs. nature’ theme to the extreme by exploring man’s desire and innate curiosity to push beyond the realms of his physical boundaries, to do what it takes to live, work, survive and thrive in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

Ottawa Photographer Lois Siegel


No stranger to Vistek’s in-store galleries, Ottawa photographer Lois Siegel’s latest star studded exhibit will be on display at Vistek Ottawa from July 18th – September 3rd.

The eye of a fighter – Robert Trick Johnston


In honour of the 2015 Pan Am games taking place in Toronto this year, Vistek is proudly displaying the work of Toronto photographer Robert Trick Johnston. Read more about Robert after the jump.

Blake Morrow unveils The Beth Project


A fascinating guy, this Blake Morrow. He’s a great photographer as well as an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer. And that’s the unique aspect of Blake’s work; you can actually see where the different disciplines collide and duke it out. The Beth Project is a perfect example.

What Lies Beneath – Margaret Hines


Next up in Vistek’s national Gallery is a series of photos entitled What Lies Beneath — a collection of underwater shots shot by photographer Margaret Hines. You’ll find her story interesting because, for one thing, without any formal training, she literally dove into underwater photography. And with the help of her husband, she turned their backyard pool into a studio. Meet Margaret Hines What is your background & education? Accounting & Finance. Completely self-taught with underwater photography How did you get your start as a photographer?  Did you have a special mentor? I have always had a camera starting out…

Windows Through the Forest – Steven Friedman


Steven Friedman’s initial career path didn’t lead into a forest. Far from it. It involved working at a pre-eminent Canadian think tank as a Economics consultant. His Economic days were over the moment he picked up his first SLR on a hiking outing in Gatineau Park outside his home town of Ottawa. After that, his passion turned from churning numbers and stats to photographing fine art landscapes. Oddly enough, Steven still applies the patience and long-term thinking of an economist to his work as a landscape photographer. For example, Steven travels to remote locations around the world, often hiking for…

The Exciting World of Scanography – Janet Dwyer


Photographer Janet Dwyer utilizes a flatbed scanner as an imaging tool instead of the traditional digital camera to capture images. Inspired by the infinite variety and exact structures found in the natural world, Janet scans plants, feathers, bones, ice, live and dead insects on a flatbed scanner, as a way to convert the 3-dimensional objects to digital information. And here lies the secret: the scanner magnifies details that are often too small to see, offering a sense of intimacy and a unique connection to structures within objects. Dwyer’s work has won several international awards, including a first-place prize in the…