Welcome to the Vistek Online Photo Gallery

No matter what photographic equipment and techniques you use, it’s all about the end result: great images; images that tell a story about a time or place; images that portray emotion; images that inspire. In fact, we were so inspired, we built a gallery in each of our stores. If you would like to show your work in one of them, please email us at gallery@vistek.ca and we will get in touch with you.”

Singer of Songs and Stills – A Photographic Journey from Lloyd Frost


[dropcap style=”square”]Y[/dropcap]ou see it quite often. A great actor who is also an accomplished painter,…

The eye of a fighter – Robert Trick Johnston


Robert Trick Johnston

In honour of the 2015 Pan Am games taking place in Toronto this year, Vistek is proudly displaying the work of Toronto photographer Robert Trick Johnston. Read more about Robert after the jump.

Blake Morrow unveils The Beth Project


A fascinating guy, this Blake Morrow. He’s a great photographer as well as an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer. And that’s the unique aspect of Blake’s work; you can actually see where the different disciplines collide and duke it out. The Beth Project is a perfect example.