Phase One Releases Upgraded Capture One Pro 10

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Capture One Pro 10 is the latest release of Phase One’s already powerful RAW conversion and photo editing software.

Already an integral part of many photographers workflow, Capture One Pro 10 offers a number of improved features as well as a bunch of new ones.


New Default Layout

Better performance

Overall, user experience has been improved, allowing users to work with their images more quickly, even when viewing at 100%.

Capture One Pro 10 Screen

Phase One Capture One Pro 10

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On-screen proofing

Capture One Pro 10 Proofing

New Proofing Layout

  • Overview every stage of the sharpening process, including scale, compression artefacts and sharpness before exporting.
  • Instantly check ICC Profile, Output Scaling, Sharpening and JPEG artefacts.
  • Customize parameters to streamline your workflow.


Greater control with 3-step sharpening

Capture One Pro 10 Sharpening

Improved 3-Step Sharpening

The new 3-stage process for sharpening photos features:

  • Lens tool option that corrects for lost sharpness caused by diffraction
  • Creative sharpening tool with Halo Suppression slider and new blending algorithm
  • Recipe tool controlling final medium output sharpening allowing users to take into account the viewing distance and scaling of the final image.

Integrated Tangent Panel System Support

If you prefer your editing workflow to be a little more tactile, version 10 now supports the sweet looking “analogue control” Tangent range of professional input panels.

Capture One Pro 10 with Tangent System

Tangent System

Other new features

  • ability to search for images by orientation
  • move folders within catalogues
  • faster Lens Cast Calibration profile creation
  • auto masking for any editable file type
  • hardware acceleration.

Take a look at Phase One’s promo video to see what it can do