The X-Rite i1Display Pro in Review

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The good folks at Luminous Landscape have posted an in-depth review of the X-Rite i1Display Pro and we thought we’d help to spread the love (and the knowledge.)

There’s a new pro-grade screen calibration kid on the block, and his name is i1Display Pro. What’s that you say – You already own either a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer? Maybe so, but possibly it’s also time for an upgrade. Also, could be that if you are a Mac user and have just upgraded to Lion (OS 10.7), you are going to have to upgrade.

The i1Display Pro is both a new hardware device and also comes bundled with new profiling and calibration software. It is a more sophisticated piece of hardware than the previous i1 Display and i1Display 2 puck-shaped colorimeters from Gretag Macbeth and X-Rite. The i1Profiler software that comes with it is also new.

Read the full review.