Atomos Ninja V enables 5.9K ProRes RAW recording for Lumix S5

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In conjunction with Panasonic, Atomos has announced a firmware update for their wildly popular Ninja V monitor/recorder that will enable up to 5.9Kp30, 4Kp60, and 3.5Kp50 recording when connected to Panasonic’s LUMIX S5 camera.

The necessary firmware updates from both Atomos and Panasonic are expected to be made available by the end of November 2020.

Read the press release from Atomos below for more information.

Melbourne, Australia – November 4, 2020 – Atomos and Panasonic are delighted to announce today the development of up to 5.9K full frame Apple ProRes RAW recording from the new LUMIX S5, Panasonic’s new hybrid 35mm full-frame mirrorless camera. Atomos is therefore excited to announce that the Ninja V will record up to 5.9Kp30, 4Kp60 and 3.5Kp50 from the LUMIX S5 full-frame mirrorless camera when combined with the Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder.

Anamorphic RAW

More and more cinematographers are now choosing to shoot with anamorphic lenses and the Ninja V and S5 combination caters to them with the 3.5K Super35 Anamorphic 4:3 RAW mode (3536×2656). An even bigger world of cinematic opportunities opens up as the Ninja V and S5 can now be used as an A-camera or smaller B-camera on an anamorphic RAW production.

Mirrorless advantage

The combination of S5 and Ninja V has unique advantages that other systems cannot match. Panasonic’s years of experience in mirrorless camera design give the camera a state-of-the-art image stabilised sensor with Dual Native ISO technology, high-speed and high-precision AF achieved by real-time detection technology, superior ergonomics, electronic viewfinder, good battery life, audio options and multiple lens options thanks to the versatile L-mount.

Ninja V advantage

Atomos Ninja VThe Ninja V allows users to accurately monitor the RAW signal on its daylight-viewable 5” 1000nit brightness HDR screen. Setup is simple when the camera is attached with perfectly tuned color settings applied automatically. Users can then view the RAW image accurately in HDR in a choice of HLG and PQ (HDR10) formats. The Ninja V offers touchscreen access to tools like waveforms, 1-1 magnification and focus peaking, allowing them to perfect their RAW video. The Ninja V then records the Apple ProRes RAW data onto a removable AtomX SSDmini or other SSD drive. When shooting is complete the drive is removed and connected to a computer via USB for immediate offload and editing.

Atomos Ninja V 5″ HDR Monitor – 4K60P ProRes Recorder – Vistek Canada

Illuminated by a bright 1000 cd/m² LED backlight and colour calibrated to ensure reliably accurate image representation, the five-inch IPS LCD screen is viewable in daylight without the need for a hood. Records Pro Res and Pro Res Raw 4K footage in DCI or UHD formats up to 60 fps to optional SSD. Record up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR video direct from your camera’s sensor, over HDMI 2.0. Store edit-ready ProRes or DNxHR on affordable SSD drives and bypass your cameras internal compression and record time limits. A tiny 1TB AtomX SSDmini will give you 2.5 hrs of 4K recording.

LUMIX S5 & the Ninja V combination

Atomos Ninja V on Lumix S5 Camera FrontThe LUMIX S5 inherits a range of professional features from its elder brother, the flagship LUMIX S1H. Combined with the Ninja V, the camera is perfectly suited to handheld, shoulder-mounted,
gimbal, Steadicam and in vehicle production. In addition to this the LUMIX S5 packs the essence of Panasonic’s conventional S Series cameras in a compact, lightweight magnesium alloy full die cast body with effective heat dispersion for stable long recording times. The S5 and Ninja V combination provides a powerful cost-effective and compact sized workhorse for not only the video professional but also the aspiring video professional.

Panasonic Lumix DC-S5 Mirrorless Body – Vistek Canada

The LUMIX S5 is a new hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera that achieves both excellent performance in photo/video and stunning mobility for serious photographers and videographers. At the heart of the camera, the LUMIX S5 contains a 24.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor that boasts a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity performance. The LUMIX S5 further realizes recording maximum ISO 51,200 crystal-clear high sensitivity video with the adoption of the Dual Native ISO technology.

ProRes RAW the new standard

Apple ProRes RAW is now firmly established as the new standard for RAW video capture, now including the LUMIX S5 as it joins our fast-growing number of cameras outputting RAW over HDMI. ProRes RAW combines the visual and workflow benefits of RAW video with the incredible realtime performance of ProRes. The format gives filmmakers enormous latitude when adjusting the look of their images and extending brightness and shadow detail, making it ideal for HDR workflows. Both ProRes RAW, and the higher bandwidth, less compressed ProRes RAW HQ are supported. and manageable file sizes speed up and simplify file transfer, media management, and archiving. ProRes RAW is supported in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Grass Valley Edius, along with a collection of other apps including Assimilate SCRATCH, Colorfront and FilmLight Baselight.