Fujifilm GFX 100 Firmware Update: Pixel Shift Multi-Shot 400 MP Capture

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Fujifilm has just announced a firmware update for the GFX 100 that boosts its image capture resolution from the already insane 102 MP up to 400 MP using the just added Pixel Shift Multi-Shot capability in the camera, and new Pixel Shift Combiner Software on your computer.

Pixel Shift Multi-shot works by using the 102 MP sensor, X Processor 4 and In-Body Image Stabilization to move the image sensor in 0.5 pixel increments to record high-resolution RGB pixel information during the 16 image capture process.

Pixel Shift Multi-Mode receives pixel data in all three colours, red, green and blue, (rather than a single colour) over the course of each of the 16 captured RAW images, producing an image that Fujifilm says will contain “unparalleled colour reproduction with next to no false colours occurring, even in the finest of details.”

Pixel Shift Combiner Software

Capturing the RAW images on the camera is the just the first step in process. In order to create the final 400 MP image, you need to combine the RAW images using the new software on your computer.

The Pixel Shift Combiner Software is important not only for combining the files into a single DNG Raw file, but it can also be also be used when tethered to the camera to capture the images directly to your computer.

Both the firmware update and new software are available to download from Fujifilm now using the links below.

Download the latest firmware version from Fujifilm here

Download the Pixel Shift Combiner Software here

Fujifilm GFX100 FrontVertical+EVFWhat’s New and Improved in Firmware ver. 3.00 – GFX 100

  1. Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function is added
    • In the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode, the camera takes a series of 16 RAW images and by using in-body image stabilization(IBIS), moves the image sensor to get a high-resolution and real colour* image. The multiple images are then combined to create a Digital Negative (DNG) RAW file using the FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner software.
      • * Real Colour: As a pixel of an image sensor has one colour filter from red, green or blue, we cannot detect the real colour for the pixel. We need to interpolate the other colours from the surrounding pixel data for that pixel. This is called the demosaicing process. In case of Pixel Shift Multi-Shot photography, we can receive red, green and blue data for every pixel position. This means we receive real colour information when using Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode and the demosaicing process is not necessary.
  2. Ratings to images recorded in the [Jpeg + RAW] mode are applied to both Jpeg and RAW files.
  3. The phenomenon is fixed that in a multiple-flash shooting where the EF-X500 is used as a commander, flashes in some groups sometimes don’t fire correctly. Also in case the EF-X500 is used as a commander and the EF-60 as a remote flash, upgrade the camera firmware to the latest version.
  4. Accuracy of the Eye AF function for the front eye is improved.
  5. Fix of minor bugs.

Fujifilm GFX100 Large Format Mirrorless Body (no lens) – Vistek Canada

The GFX 100 combines decades of experience, knowledge, and research into a mirrorless large format camera that redefines the boundaries and limitations of how photographers and filmmakers creatively express themselves. By raising the bar in large format auto-focus performance, being the first large format system to have in-body stabilization, and providing filmmakers with a way to push the limits of wide format 4K/30p motion capture, GFX 100 is not only re shaping how images are being made, but it is also re defining large format for the world’s next generation of image makers.