Sony Venice firmware update adds new frame rates and more!

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The Sony Venice is receiving a new firmware update (ver. 6.0) that adds new frame rates and various other improvements.

Before you update, it’s important to know that this update will not work unless you are currently running firmware ver. 4.0 or higher. Do not install this firmware on a camera running the ver. 3.0 firmware.

The firmware update to version 6.0 will be available to download from Sony starting Dec 15th, 2020.

Download files will contain the following:

  • VENICE (MPC-3610) V6.0 firmware
    • Operation manual.
    • Install manual
    • Release notes
  • AXS-R7 V6.0 firmware
    • Update manual
    • Release notes
  • RAW Viewer V3.5

Find out what’s new and improved below.

New HFR capabilities

  • 5.7K 16:9 max. 72fps
  • 4K 6:5 max. 72fps
  • 3.8K 16:9 max. 110fps
Sony Venice Firmware Update New Frame Rates

New frame rates in v6.0 highlighted in red | Image Credit Sony

New/Improved Shooting functions

New/Improved Monitor Out Functions

  • 3D LUT adaptation to VF
  • New ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) file import
  • SDI 1-4 3G-SDI Level A/B switchable
Sony Venice New Frame Line Options

New frame line options | Image Credit Sony

New Shooting assist functions

  • Second user frame line
  • 9:16 and 1:1 preset frame line
  • REC beep and alarm volume can be adjusted individually
  • Maintain CamID+Reel# when loading ALL File
  • Display Genlock and TC lock status on OSD
  • De-squeeze on/off by USER button
  • RCP Call function

Technicolor Look Library for Venice

Also on December 15th, Sony in collaboration with Technicolor, will be releasing a new Technicolor Look Library for the Venice.

The free of charge Look Library, utilizes Sony’s ART (Advanced Rendering Transformation) technology and will initially feature:

  • 5 looks including Film Print Emulation from Technicolor
  • Rec. 709 will be target display
  • Files will be available from both Sony and Technicolor

Sony VENICE Full Frame 6K Camera (Body Only) Version 4.0 Base firmware installed – Vistek Canada

Sony proudly introduces its next generation motion picture camera system with forward thinking full frame sensor, phenomenal color science and user-friendly operation.