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The Latest Product News from Nikon: Lights, Cameras & Action


Nikon had lots to announce yesterday at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Here’s the roundup of our Nikon posts about those products.

Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight: Light without limits


Cameras weren’t the only thing that Nikon announced yesterday. They also added the SB-5000 AF Speedlight to their already solid line up of flash systems. The SB-5000 AF Speedlight is now the big daddy in Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. Fully compatible with the other flashes (and cameras) in this system, the SB-5000 can be used as the “Master Flash” to control up to six groups of remote flashes even if they are out of view, (behind obstacles, even in other rooms) up to 98 feet away. The SB-5000 was built to handle more than 100 consecutive firings at full output without overheating. It’s…

How to Shoot A One Light Portrait – Justin Van Leeuwen


Portrait photographer Justin Van Leeuwen shares his insights into creating beautiful and dynamic images with just one light. How to Shoot A One Light Portrait: A great intro to portrait photography. Filmed live at ProFusion Expo 2015 Hosted by cinematographer Sarah T. Moffat For more info on Illumi or Mantis please visit Images courtesy of Justin Van Leeuwen Justin Van Leeuwen is an Ottawa based commercial photographer, specializing in Portraits, Editorial, Event and Interior photography. For more information or to book Justin for a shoot, please visit his website

How to get beautiful Interview Lighting with LEDGO Fresnels


This year at ProFusion Expo LEDGO sponsored one of the more illuminating series of seminars highlighting their LED lighting products. The seminars, led by Bentley Miller covered a wide range of LED lighting how to’s including: Transitioning from tungsten “hot” lights to LED fixtures Lighting Talent in front of a backdrop Lighting for product shots Click here to see the full range of LEDGO products available at Vistek. We all know that lighting is an important (some would say it’s the most important) element for both film and photography. What a lot of people don’t fully understand is how using the right lighting techniques can dramatically improve…

Meet the 3-Panel LEDGO B560 LED lighting system


The LEDGO 560 3-Panel lighting system is a complete and affordable lighting kit that is perfect for both videographers & photographers. Suitable for field operations or studio work, this versatile lighting kit comes with everything you need to set-up and start shooting right out of the bag. Completely power flexible: While out in the field, the LEDGO B560 LED lighting system operates off DC power via Sony style NP-F type batteries or you can use the supplied adapters for AA batteries (runs off 3 AA type not supplied). Each fixture will also support up to 3 battery packs simultaneously, providing you with extended run times or…

The best lighting tool you’ve probably never heard of…


Asensetek Lighting Passport: Best in class Light Meter Billed as the “World’s First Smart Spectrometer”, the Asensetek Lighting Passport made its first appearance at ProFusion Expo earlier this month and seriously impressed everyone who saw it. Geared towards anyone who considers themselves a lighting professional, this pocket-sized device pairs a professional spectrometer with most iOS or Android smart devices via Bluetooth, and can accurately measure up to 90 different parameters when using the 4 currently available apps and available PC software. Quick Specs: At 68.5mm by 56mm, with a thickness of 17mm and weighing only 76.5g, the Lighting Passport offers a slim and compact light testing…

How to light faces – Minute Master Class w/Jerry Ghionis


Recently master photographer and lighting expert Jerry Ghionis lead a class for Vistek at Hangloose Media on how to light faces and effectively use lighting to improve the quality of your images. Vistek is happy to provide you with access to the short video tutorial that we created from that class. Related Post An Afternoon of Laughs, Learning and Luxurious Light How to light faces – Minute Master Class w/Jerry Ghionis International award winning portrait and wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis is often praised for being one of the world’s best wedding photographers.  His courses around the world continually sell out.  Vistek is honoured to…

Westcott Ice Light 2 – Lighting On The Go


Designed by renown Nikon Ambassador and wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis, the unique Westcott Ice Light was a bit of a sensation when it was released back in 2012. While it looks like a cross between a lightsaber and an overgrown flashlight, it’s actually an incredibly versatile portable lighting system useful for both photographers and videographers alike. Check out this video review of the original Ice Light by Dave Kaminski of Webvideo University to see what we mean. Flash forward 3 years and we now have the beefed up Westcott Ice Light 2. Westcott Ice Light 2 50% Brighter Output You asked for more power and…

Profoto Freeze Mode – You’ll want to try this


The Profoto Freeze Mode… …will help you capture those amazing action shots, literally freezing the action with as much detail as possible. Watch as Pro Photographer Jared Platt and Profoto team up to explain What’s Different When You’re Shooting in Freeze Mode. Want to try it yourself? The Profoto flashes and reflectors used in this video are available for purchase and/or rental at your nearest Vistek location. The Full Profoto blog post including lighting diagrams can be found here.

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