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Elinchrom for the iPhone?


Yes, indeed. You did read that correctly. The folks at Elinchrom have developed Remote RX Units with iPhone & iPad users in mind and a flash-triggering App is set to hit the market in early 2011. While they’re definitely keeping details completely under wraps until the official launch, we do know that you’ll be able to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to control your Elinchrom RX flash lights! From the Elinchrom site: “We are able to use the Apple devices with an Elinchrom Made application, which controls wirelessly flash power and pilot light settings, triggering flashes, plus many…

Phase One V-Grip Air: Get a better grip on wireless shooting


It’s a better grip. And it comes with a built-in wireless flash trigger system. How brilliant is that! At first brush, the V-Grip looks like a much-improved handle for your 645DF camera, giving you a better grip in both vertical and horizontal positions. But especially for vertical shooting, because all shooting control buttons are replicated in exact same positions as on the camera body but now in a vertical position on the V-Grip. At closer inspection, you realize that the V-Grip is actually a clever wireless trigger system, with a Profoto Air system built-in, allowing you to trigger flash equipment…

The evolution of the Elinchrom D-Lite


Elinchrom’s popular D-Lite “to go” kits have been updated with the launch of the new D-Lite it (internal transmitter)  To Go Kits in 200 & 400 watt/second versions. With everything you need to set up your studio, these kits incorporate all the original D-Lite features and have thrown in the intelligent slave cell enabling it to synchronize with “strobist” speedlite systems and a four channel radio frequency trigger for reliable synchronization in every circumstance. And built in to every new D-Lite it is an EL-Skyport Receiver. So, with the Skyport ECO transmitter attached to your camera’s hot shoe, you can…

Pro-quality studio lighting for white backgrounds.


Having trouble attaining studio quality lighting with your pure white backgrounds? Watch as digital photo expert Gavin Hoey demonstrates a simple two light set up for portraits with using the Elinchrom D-Lite.

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