3D Lens announced for Panasonic’s Lumix G Micro System

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Okay… this is HUGE! The folks at Panasonic have announced that they’re developing a twin-optic 3D digital lens for its Lumix G-series Micro Four Thirds interchangeable-lens cameras – that will be available here, in Canada, by the end of this year.

The compact lens simply bolts onto your existing camera, letting you instantly shoot in 3D without any distortion or time lag between the left and right images, even when capturing moving objects. The lens features two optical systems installed within the diameter of the lens mount, creating stereo images from the left and right lenses. These images form a 3D image when processed with a 3D image processing system.

Doug Borbath, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Canada Inc. said:  “While 3D movie and sports content is expanding, many customers want to enjoy their own 3D shooting. This new lens will respond to such demand, allowing users to shoot landscapes, people, and a variety of subjects in high-quality 3D, to be enjoyed later with their 3D Viera televisions at home.”

How images will be played has yet to be announced, but speculation is that it will be via an SD card in the Panasonic Viera 3D TV, or by connecting a compatible camera to the TV via HDMI.

Stay tuned… Panasonic will be announcing more details SOON.