Interchangeable camera lenses for your… iPhone?

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The folks at Factron – already responsible for some lofty-priced ($800 for a titanium iPod case, anyone?)  Apple accessories have come up with something new for the Apple Fan Boys (& Girls) with ambitions of impressing their friends: a metal & leather case with interchangeable camera lenses. Yes, you’ve read correctly – camera lenses.

Compatible with the iPhone 3G only, the case features wide-angle, closeup, and fisheye lenses that screw on to the back. But the company warns that all that metal between the receiver and signal, your phone reception might not be the greatest.

And at $200 for just the case + lenses that cost between $15-55 each (and lets not forget the camera quality of the iPhone to begin with), wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in a point and shoot?