60 Megapixels at your fingertips: Phase One’s P65+

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60 Megapixels - Phase One P65+
No, that’s not a typo. This bad boy really sports 60 Megapixels (60.5, to be exact). It hasn’t hit the shelves yet (late 2008 is what’s been announced), but the new P65+ from Phase one will be the first full frame 645 medium format camera system and digital back.

The P65+ has a sensor measuring 40.4 X 53.9mm, which means 20% greater coverage than some previously announced full frames – which, as it turned out, were still sporting a 36 x 48mm sensor. This means 20% higher resolution for the same pixel density, and the ability to utilize existing and future 645 format wide angle lenses at their intended coverage.

Just as exciting as the sensor size and resolution, the P65+ will also feature variable resolution. The exact specs haven’t been made public by Phase One… but being able to scale your pixel and file size is a pretty big deal!

What else has it got?

  • Open platform
  • 16 bit captures
  • 12.5 stops of dynamic range
  • Shooting speed of up to 1 frame per second
  • ISO 50-800

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