Leica Announces M10-R with monster 40MP Sensor

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Leica has just announced their latest M10 rangefinder model, the M10-R that boast a 40MP colour sensor with new pixel design, improved low-light performance, 16 minute long exposure time and ultra silent shooting.

Leica M10-R with Summilux-M35 Lens and Lens Hood

M10-R with Summilux M35 Lens and Lens Hood

Leica says that the newly developed sensor “represents a considerable increase from the 24 megapixels of the M10”, offering reduced image noise as well as wider dynamic range.

The increased maximum exposure time of 16 minutes that might be something astrophotographers and other night shooters will be keen on.

Leica M10-R Rear Control Layout

Rear Control Layout

The M10-R has also inherited the ultra-silent mechanical shutter from the M10-P which in Leica’s words “helps the user be stealthy, when capturing that decisive moment requires the utmost discretion.”

Build wise, the M10-R features an all-metal, die cast magnesium body with a brass top plate and base.

As with all Leica cameras, the M10-R embraces a very German minimal style and esthetic.

Leica M10-R Top View

Top Controls

The rear of the camera features the 3-button layout, joystick and 3″ colour TFT LCD monitor with 16 million colours and 1,036,800 pixels as found on the other M10 models.

On the top, you’ll find a hotshoe (for attaching the option viewfinder or flash), shutter release button, ISO dial and shutter speed dial.

While Leica recommends pairing the M10-R with native Leica M lenses such as the APO-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH, to achieve it’s “full potential”, the M10-R is also compatible older M lenses and even R Lenses with an adapter (sold separately).

M10-R Key Features

  • 40.89 MP color sensor
  • Base ISO 100 / Max. ISO 50.000
  • Long exposure times up to 16 min.
  • M10 thin body design
  • M10 ISO dial
  • Ultra silent shutter
  • Touch display
  • Seamless Leica FOTOS connectivity

Leica M10-R Black Chrome Body – Vistek Canada

Redefining image quality – The new 40 megapixel flagship M Leica Camera is excited to introduce the latest version of the company’s legendary rangefinder camera: the Leica M10-R, complete with a new 40 megapixel full frame color sensor and all the improvements of the entire generation of M10 cameras.