Nikon D700 – Compact, Professional, 12.1MP Full-Frame Camera

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The compact, professional, 12.1 megapixel, full-frame (FX format) Nikon D700 is a new addition to Nikon’s full-frame roster (okay, it’s not so much a roster as a duo – since the D3 is its only other companion). To look at it, the D700 could be twins with the D300 (but with a larger viewfinder). Internally, however, the D700 is pretty much identical to the D3, except for a slightly slower shutter (5fps up to 8fps with the MB-D10 battery grip). Oh and there’s the small matter of the sticker price: the D700 runs about $2,000 less than the D3.

While it doesn’t share the same price tag as the D3, it does share the same broad sensitivity range – running between 200 and 6400 ISO, with low and high modes extending it to between 100 and 25600 ISO. It also shares the same CMOS sensor coverage (a 36.0 x 23.9 mm area), Multi-CAM 3500FX autofocus sensor module (featuring 51 AF points) & hi-res 3″ LCD monitor with tempered glass – providing a 170° viewing angle.

The D700 also has a few features noticeably absent from the D3: Image Sensor cleaning (sensor shake), more flexible hard button programming, virtual horizon in Live View and different DX mode indication on the focusing screen.

The D700 is also the first pro Nikon DSLR to have a built-in flash.