One Giant LEAF for Mankind.

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With the Aptus-II 12, Leaf delivers the most powerful and most versatile digital camera back ever made. This amazing feat of photo technology delivers the highest quality, highest resolution of any full frame digital back. Oh, and did we mention that it comes with a whopping 80-megapixel sensor?

Anyone who could use 80 million pixels of imaging data raise your hand!

As we suspected, commercial/advertising pros, archivists and fine artists, to name a few. We expect anyone who needs maximum detail in their photos and those who print massive size images will want one.

At the heart of the Aptus-II 12 back is the powerful full-frame 53.7 x 40.3mm 80 MP CCD sensor, taking digital backs to the next level. The sheer quality of detail is unsurpassed. And the high level of resolution eliminates moiré and more perfectly renders objects – from the texture of fine fabrics to the smooth curves of car metal.

For those occasions when 80-megapixels is just too much, you can dial down to select an aspect ratio, such as the 1:1 with 60MP resolution, that will satisfy your particular project requirements – enabling faster processing and smaller file size.

In addition, the Aptus-II 12R version adds an internal rotating sensor system, allowing you to change from portrait to landscape orientation without removing the back.

The Leaf Aptus-II 12 and Leaf Aptus-II 12R is a lot of “back” and support a wide range of camera brands including Phase One 645DF and AF and Mamiya 645DF and AF cameras, most Hasselblad V models and a selection of large format cameras via adapters.


53.7 x 40.3mm 80 MP CCD • 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD • 80-800 ISO range • 1.5 fps capture rate • 12-stop dynamic range • mind-boggling 480MB max file size per image