Steven Friedman: Phase One XF 100MP Landscape Photographer

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Landscape photographer Steven Friedman, like every other professional photographer, strives to produce his best work, to outdo the photos he shot in his last outing.

Steven Friedman Phase One

As an award-winning landscape photographer, it’s Steven’s attention to unusual and perhaps the never-seen-before detail that sets his work apart. He demands the best out of himself. And it’s no different when it comes to the selection of his gear.

I’ve purchased the Phase One system for the detail in the images. I want people when they view the large prints to see the detail. It’s the lenses, it’s the sensor, it’s the back. It’s the whole ecosystem that allows me to get the incredible detail on my prints” – Steven Friedman

No surprise then to hear that Steven is a die-hard Phase One shooter. As a fan of the brand, he explains his preference for choosing Phase One better than we ever could. Which is why we encourage you to watch Steven’s short testimonial video. Even if you’re not thinking of switching brands, or you’ve never dreamed of owning Phase One, this video will intrigue you for the simple reason, as a photographer yourself, you will be able to relate to the story.

It’s about Steven’s quest for perfection, as he epitomizes a photographer who will do anything worldly possible to get the absolute best shot. It’s one of the best testimonial videos we’ve seen. Enjoy.

About Steven Friedman

“Steven is an internationally award-winning fine art landscape photographer that specializes in the intimate landscape. His work is represented by fine art galleries and is in corporate and private collections around the world. Steven has a unique talent for capturing the natural beauty of the world through his expansive, evocative landscapes, that can’t help but bring you into the moment. His carefully selected compositions remove the chaos from the forest, bringing design, pattern and the dance of colour to the randomness of nature. Steven is a master printer whose passion for the medium is obvious in both his photographic approach and in his final large-scale works.”

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